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Nuance PaperPort Professional 14.5 Final

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Nuance PaperPort Professional 14.5 Final

Nuance PaperPort - Designed to scan paper documents and putting them in a convenient electronic document management system.System PaperPort 14 offers all the same features, familiar to many users of the previous version, only in the form of expansion and improvement:quick and easy scanning, clear systematization of documents, extensive support for PDF, as well as communication with network folders and applications.In addition to the familiar features, the new version of PaperPort 14 offers a couple of new products that allow the product to follow two of the most current trends in personal and business applications - mobility and cloud computing.

Increasing the speed and ease of scanning provide new add-Scan-and-Open (Scan and open) for the quick scan One-Click.Speed ​​scanning function now supports virtually any input device interfaces images TWAIN, WIA and ISIS.As a result of the rapid scanning provides a much higher image quality and OCR - a gain of accuracy is up to 34 percent.Compression documents using PDF-MRC algorithm can generate PDF files size is 8 times smaller than conventional PDF-files without compression.Navigating in the archive of documents facilitates new view in the form of folders, support for the standard context menu of Windows, as well as support for Jump Lists in Windows 7.

Among other important differences of PaperPort 14 highlights the support of more than 20 "cloud" services, including Google Docs and Evernote, plus a private cloud and mobile service Nuance PaperPortAnywhere.PaperPort Anywhere service allows subscribers to automatically save documents from their desktops in the cloud, and then access these documents via the program itself among the PaperPort 14Windows, through any web browser, and also with the help of free mobile applications for devices Apple iPad and iPhone, a device with the operating system Android.

Also worth noting is a new feature called PDF Hover Notes («floating" notes to PDF-files).Now PaperPort 14 package available to the user much more information during the review of PDF-documents in folders as icons - in the upper left corner of the icon displays a large documentIndicator showing that the file contains keywords and a brief description. Move your mouse over this icon, you can see the pop-up dialog with a description, without having to open the file.

Developers of PaperPort 14 emphasize the ability of the product to easily connect to network shares with the use of network files are blocked from unauthorized access, increasingsecurity and facilitating collaboration. If you set up PaperPort on each workstation, you can quickly implement a centralized scheme document exchange and storage of the electronic document archive.

Professional-Only Features:
• Includes PDF Create - Advanced PDF Creation & Security
• Supports OmniPage Workflows (OmniPage required)
• Capture Assistant with Scanning Preview
• Unlimited Scanning Profiles
• Scheduled All-in-One Search Indexing
• MFP Scanning and Document Routing
• Split Desktop and Workspace Bookmarks
• Microsoft SharePoint Connector
• Network Scanning, Folder, and File Management

Minimum Hardware Requirements:
• Intel Pentium compatible, or newer CPU
• 1 GB RAM
• 700 MB free hard disk space for application files and installation
• 1024x768 resolution display with 16 bit (High Color) or better
• Windows compatible pointing device

Supported Operating Systems:
• Windows 8 32-bit or 64-bit Edition
• Windows XP 32-bit SP3
• Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit with SP2 or higher
• Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit

What's new in Nuance PaperPort Professional 14:
• The Nuance Cloud Connector application: Now you can gain access to a number of cloud services, including Microsoft Live SkyDrive, Google Docs,, and many more.Plus, files are accessed in the PaperPort folder directory, so you can scan, stack, or unstack PDF files, and create PDF files directly in the cloud.
• Evernote "Send To" Connector: Drag-and-drop files to the Evernote Send To Connector, create a new note or add the document to an existing note. You can also right click on the Evernote connector and get files attached to any note so they are copied to the PaperPort desktop.
• Enhanced network folder support: PaperPort 14 now takes advantage of fast, reliable thumbnail viewing of documents stored on shared network folders.Additionally, PaperPort 14 locks files in use over the network to prevent problems that may occur when more than one person tries to view or modify the same file.
• Windows file and folder options: In PaperPort 14, the Windows Context menu is supported by right-clicking on any file, so you can access Windows or other software and perform key tasks, including compressing and uncompressing ZIP files.
• Scanning improvements: We've enhanced PaperPort's scanning capabilities in PaperPort 14, so scanned color documents using PDF-MRC compression are now 62% smaller.Other time saving highlights include scan and open a document with one press of a button, create and save default custom file names, and create PDF / A directly from your scanner.
• New workspace options for greater productivity: With PaperPort 14, there's no need to remember where you put a recently scanned or opened file.New buttons have been added for "recently scanned" and "recently opened" documents, so you can quickly jump back to a folder that contains a recently scanned or opened document.
• Folder notes improvements: Now you can right click on any folder in the folder directory and get an option to add notes directly to that particular folder.This enhancement is useful for applying information to PDF documents that are common to all files in a particular file, such as contact information (eg, name, address, telephone number); project or customer IDs; or numbers, reminders, document descriptions, and more.
• Improved desktop thumbnails for PDF: In PaperPort 14 the PDF document thumbnails offer more information about PDF documents to save you time and focus on more important tasks.A large information icon now appears in the upper left-hand corner of PDF document thumbnails, indicating the file contains keywords and descriptive text. Hover over the icon, and it will display the information so you do not have to open the file.

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