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Tint Guide Software Pack DC 09.02.2015

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Tint Guide Software Pack DC 09.02.2015

Tint Guide Software Pack - software for editing of digital photos. Collage, photomontage, smart image resizing and object removal, virtual makeup and cosmetics. Can be used as plug-ins in Adobe Photoshop.

Composition Tint Guide Software Pack:
• Beauty Guide 2.2.5
• Brightness Guide 2.4.1
• Cosmetic Guide 2.2.5
• Image Resize Guide 2.2.6
• Makeup Guide 2.2.5
• Pet Eye Fix Guide 2.2.5
• Photo Montage Guide 2.2.8
• Picture Cutout Guide 3.2.8

Beauty Guide - this is your virtual cosmetic bag.Forgot to tint the lips or eyelids? You do not like eye color? You grieve visible wrinkles, puffiness or swelling? Are you unhappy with a large birthmark, scar or spot? Want to have a thin waist and white teeth? Beauty Guide - allows you to apply makeup and eliminate cosmetic defects directly on photos. Edited using this program, Your photos will be even better!

Brightness Guide - aligns the brightness of the photo, brightens dark areas. The program allows you to brighten dark areas of the photo, leaving a bright areas untouched. Parameters of clarification can be selected in real time - the changes of the controls is immediately reflected in the photo. The program will help to improve photos with defects of brightness caused by flash (too dark background), dense shade or backlight illumination.

Cosmetic Guide - a program to remove cosmetic defects directly on photos. Helps to smooth wrinkles, puffiness or swelling; remove birthmarks and warts; to get rid of double chin; to whiten your teeth. The program is a demonstration examples showing work with tools.

Image Resize Guide - program to change the size and proportions of photos without distortion important parts and to delete objects without visible traces. The program contains the following tools resize the image and delete objects: Size, Cut fragment, Smart remove, Smart size, Patching. The program includes animated examples photo processing: a simple change photo size; resize photo and saving objects; easy removal; removal in two steps, removing the protection, patching, t e the program includes animated demo samples that steps will explain how everything to do it correctly.

Makeup Guide is very easy to use program makeup on pictures will help You to do this without the cost of makeup and a stylist. Selection of makeup with it will allow to get rid of mistakes when choosing your own style. Those who believe the correct to do the makeup only in photoshop can use our software as a plug-in. The program will help eyelids; apply blush, eye shadow, and powder; to draw eyes and change their color. To apply makeup You the following tools from the virtual cosmetics: lipstick, Powder, Rouge, eye Color, eye Shadow, Eyeliner.

Pet Eye Fix Guide - program to eliminate the effect exposed eyes with photos of Pets and people. Allows you to recover even completely corrupted flash of the eye. Can cope with illuminated eyes of any color - red, yellow, green, blue and even completely white. Wins illumination in the pupil and the entire eye. The program is implemented as a standalone application and as a plugin for various image editors.

Photo Montage Guide - simple to learn program, which can provide invaluable help in processing photos and making collages etc. Its main capabilities is the separation of objects from arbitrary background, applying different effects for the background (filling, shadowing, blur, monochrome), transfer objects to other pictures, change the size and proportions of photos without distortion important parts and remove objects without visible traces. It is especially valuable that the separation of the object from the background is performed by simple operations that do not require any special skills.

Picture Cutout Guide - a program for separating objects from the background and conduct of photomontage. Separates objects from arbitrary background and transfers them to other pictures. Allows you to apply effects to the background - fill with choice of color, shading and blur with the choice of intensity.

Released: 2015
Version: 09.02.2015
Platform: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8, both 32-bit and 64-bit
Interface language: MULTi / Multilingual
Tablet: patch ADMIN-CRACK
Size: 36.40 MB

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