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YTD Video Downloader PRO Multi / Rus

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YTD Video Downloader PRO Multi / Rus

YTD Video Downloader Easy-to-use program that is designed for download and viewing videos from popular video sharing service YouTube, Facebook, Google Video, Yahoo Video and others.Also YTD Video Downloader PRO allows you to convert video to various formats (such as MP3, MP4, AVI, 3GP, MPEG), which can then be viewed on a variety of mobile devices (iPod, iPhone, PSP and iTunes).

There is the ability to play downloaded video files using an integrated player.Popularity YTD Downloader (YouTube Downloader) received a simple motto under which the developers have created a miracle.It sounds simple motto - "nothing more", and to fully characterize the final product Green Tree Applications.The program, designed to download videos from the Internet, the user should not send messages about weather conditions in his city, changing the status of friends in popular social networks, the parishnext spam mailbox. Instead, all of these useful, but not necessarily for the program to download video functions, YTD is able to convert to the formats iPod, MP4, MP3, AVI, wmv, and FLV.

Ability to download video clips includes HQ and HD. To download you must enter the link to the video you want to download and specify a folder to save the clip.The interface is simple and clear, all the functionality - at a glance. For example, to download the file from YouTube is enough just to copy the link to it.(YTD) YouTube Downloader automatically detects these links and knows in advance that they need to do. And what to do with them? Clearly, download and convert.It remains only to press the button "OK" to the process started as YTD prefers not to stoop to primitive amateur characteristic of some stupid softiny,applying for "intelligence." You can download video separately, and it is possible (which is a trifle?) Put on the download the entire playlist. The main thing is not to put on the playlist download "accidentally", so you do not look for that kind of animal "eaten" on your computer, all free space.

Key features:
• Select the best video quality while downloading procedure.
• Add, if required, links to the original source video.
• Download any file you are interested in original quality - that is, in that capacity, in which the video was originally uploaded to YouTube.
• It is possible to view the program icon for the video YouTube.
• You can download playlists performers.
• You can make downloading video files with limited access YouTube, via today's most popular browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome.
• The program has a simple, convenient and intuitive user interface.

YTD Video Downloader PRO Multi / Rus

Graduation Year: 2015
OC: Of Windows 8 / XP / Vista / 7
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