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System Explorer Final + Portable

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System Explorer Final + Portable

System Explorer - A small, free, award-winning software for research, monitoring and control system.The program includes many useful tools that will help you keep your system under control. You also get access to the database file, which will help you to determine unwanted processes and threats.

This author's portable version can be unpacked into any directory on the flash disk, recorded on CD / DVD, working in a special mode with the default settings does not leave any traces in the operating system.

New in the System Explorer 6
Most of you require a detailed history. So here we go, the history module contains more detailed information on all the activities in your computer as a file storage history has been changed for easy readability.

Action Log! In most modules, you'll find the action log bottom panel - a big help in listing the actual history of all processes running on your computer.It is closely linked to the process modules and module stories, showing you all the historical steps for any chosen process / task when filtering or global processes / tasks when unfiltered.

The new status bar! A short and very readable display was changed - provides more information about your computer now displays all necessary information in text and graphic form. At a glance, you can easily have a general picture of the basic status of your computer.

* Intefeys program gives you quick access to the tabs: Tasks, Processes, Performance, modules connected, Windows, Open Files, Auto, services, drivers, network, WMI-browser history, Pictures, Uninstallers, Users, Security, Advanced
* Extras tab. Information has tabs: General, Settings, Regional, Restrictions, folders, audio and video, colors, fonts, DLL, File Types
* Detailed information about the tasks, processes, modules, startup, IE add-ons, Uninstaller, a service Windows, drivers, connections, open files.
* Easy check of suspicious files via the service VirusTotal, Jotti or our file database.
* Easy search details about file / process via online database.
* Launch of new challenges (New Task Run ...) with an integrated auto-search and auto-completion.
* Action History for monitoring the activities of processes.
* Executable graphs for monitoring usage of system resources in time.
* The pictures of that easily allows you to find the system changes.
* System text report containing basic information about your system.
* Tip in the tray of the system and battery status
* Can easily replace the standard Task Manager Windows (Make System Explorer Task Manager by default).
* Support for 29 languages

Changes in System Explorer
Version 6.3.2 has been released in Installer and Portable version! Contains bugfixes and updated translations.

System Explorer Final + Portable

System Explorer Final + Portable

Graduation Year: 2015
Platform: Windows® 8 / XP / Vista / 7
Interface language: Ml / Russian
Activation: not required
File size: 7,46 Mb

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