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Kompas-3D 15.2 SP2 Special Edition (x86 / x64 / RUS)

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Kompas-3D 15.2 SP2 Special Edition (x86 / x64 / RUS)

"Compass-3D» - three-dimensional modeling system, which has become the standard for thousands of enterprises through the development of a successful combination of simplicity and ease of operation with powerful featuressolid and surface modeling. The main feature of the product can be called to use their own mathematical core and parametric technologies developed by ASCON specialists.

The main components of KOMPAS-3D - in fact three-dimensional modeling system, a universal system of automated 2D-designing KOMPAS-Graphic and module design specification and a text editor. All of them are easy to learn, have a Russian-language interface and help system.

The basic features of the system include functionality that allows you to design a product of any complexity in 3D, and then draw on it a set of documents required for its production in accordance with the applicable standards (GOST, STP, etc.):
toolkit developed three-dimensional solid, surface and parametric modeling;
functionality for creating and working with the version for parts and assembly units, with automatic obtaining documentation (specifications and drawings and tables with views of performances);
Accounting clearance for all driving dimensions in sketches and operations of construction;
mechanisms for working with large assemblies: layers, partial loading of components, special optimizations that allow secure processing of complex projects involving tens of thousands of sub-assemblies, parts and standard products, as well as working with layers in 3D;
functional modeling sheet metal parts - commands for creating of sheet body, bends, holes, louver, fillets, stamping and cut-outs in sheet body, short angles, and so on. d., and also perform scan obtained sheet body (the formation of associative drawing sweep);
special features to facilitate construction of the molds - casting biases the parting line of the cavity in form parts (including the assignment of shrinkage);
tools to create custom parametric libraries of standard elements;
the possibility of design and technological documentation: built-in system KOMPAS-Graph allows to produce drawings, specifications, diagrams, tables, text documents;
built-in reports on the composition of the product, including user attributes;
the possibility of dimensioning, notations and technical requirements in 3D-models (support GOST 2.052-2006 "ESKD. E-model products");
support standard Unicode;
integration with various CAD / CAM / CAE systems;
protection of user data, intellectual property and information constituting commercial and state secrets (sold separate software modules KOMPAS-Protection).

Default KOMPAS-3D supports the import / export formats, the most popular models, due to what is provided by integration with various CAD / CAM / CAE packages.The basic functionality of the product can easily be expanded due to a variety of applications that complement the functionality of KOMPAS-3D effective tools for solving specific engineering problems.For example, an application for the design of pipelines, metal structures, various machine parts allow most of the steps are automated, reducing overall development time of the project inrepeatedly. The modularity of the system allows the user to define a set of necessary applications that provide only demanded functionality.
"Compass-Shaft 3D» - projecting shafts with mechanical gears and linkages;
"Compass-Spring» - design system of springs;
"Pipelines 3D» - system piping design;
"Cables and plaits 3D» - 3D-modeling of electrical cables and harnesses and production of design documentation to them;
«Metal 3D» - Automation of standard works on designing frames and frames made of metal rolling;
"Compass-Electric" - design of electrical circuits;
"Standard Products: Fasteners" - includes fasteners, 2D and 3D GOST, OCT 92, ISO, DIN;
"Molds 3D»;
«3D-library parts and assemblies die";
«3D-Library mold parts";
«APM FEM» - structural analysis system for "Compass-3D»;

Major innovations in KOMPAS-3D 15:
• New design philosophy implicit in KOMPAS-3D V15, based on the command "Layout Geometry", "Collection" and "Copying geometry", complete use of which is aimed atoptimization of the process of collective work."The layout geometry" - a separate file, which is a unified environment for all participants in the design and essentially replaces the terms of reference, at the same time organizing the work in onethe context of the design."The layout geometry" in conjunction with the commands "Collections" and "Copying geometry", provides easy transfer of data necessary for the design, among all professionals.Concurrent use of copies does not lead to conflict situations in the collective work, and does not impose high requirements for computer science as copies only the necessary geometry, and not the entire geometry of the whole.
• In addition to these teams to support work on the design of complex and large-scale production in KOMPAS-3D V15 comes a whole layer of additional tools, aimed at a general increase in convenience andeffectiveness of 3D-design - a "zone", "Layers" and "cross-section model." "Zone" will allow the user to quickly select the components in the 3D-model of the product and make them different operations."Layers" - a tool that helps to distribute the components included in the product, the layers and assign them specific properties - color, visibility, projecting into the drawing, editing, etc.Mode "section of the model" is needed for visual "penetration" into the model to produce a previously inaccessible areas of the necessary actions, for example, to test the model in the collection or edit some of the details of their location.
• KOMPAS-3D V15 is presented to the user with an updated interface, simplifying actions in the system.A new interactive robotic arm, which can be seen in the lower left corner of the window with the model.With the help of the manipulator can be more accurately position the model and use it to place the component in the assembly when inserting. New users of the system will be useful interactive "mode indicators" makes it easy to navigate the modes of KOMPAS-3D.
• Thanks to NVIDIA GRID from the world's leading visual computing NVIDIA, the new KOMPAS-3D V15 supports work in the cloud, providing a full level of graphics performance workstation on any device, anywhere.
• Thanks to the new round of KOMPAS-3D V15 at a higher, in functional terms, the level of out most popular applications in mechanical engineering, pipelines and shafts and power transmission.
• In applications Metal structures and pipelines implemented an innovative approach to create three-dimensional trajectories. The function, known as 3D-frame, not inferior in its capabilities and ease of use unique among competitors.
• In the power transmission shafts and expanded the list of designed mechanisms.Now, toothed and worm gears can be designed not only for Russia but also for foreign standards (AGMA 201.02, ASA B6b, DIN 3972-52, ISO 53: 1998, JIS B 1701-1973).The ability to design custom components touched not only the gears, but these elements of the shaft, as the involute and pryamobochnyh slots.
• One of the major changes which have concerned the application of KOMPAS-Electrician V15, was the opportunity to create their own reports, which can be formed on arbitrary data necessary to the user at the moment. Also functionality was improved typesetting terminal.
• The above trends basic functionality of KOMPAS-3D V15, will undoubtedly be useful for building design.
• Tool "Zone" will work with large models, breaking the proposed facility on the part of (for example, sections, housing or fragments) to simplify management of visualization.
• Dynamic configuration section in the building is used to move through the building, and any inclined plane for the best view of the object.This makes it possible to look inside the house, consider each part of the design, validate the build, implement control of the resulting 3D-model and look at the building from all angles.
• In KOMPAS-3D V15 fundamental changes in terms of convenience and quality of the technology has undergone intelligent design MinD.It appeared indispensable functional "Highlight of properties", allowing to find any objects on certain properties: for example, all the brick wall thickness of 120 mm. At the same time, you can apply a filter, releasing the walls are not higher than 3 meters or are in a very specific way.
• The new version of contextual panel works with applications, and enable / disable commands application allows you to direct the user to the correct order of use for the design teams.
• Use the "User element" in building applications appeared in KOMPAS-3D V14 SP2.This functionality greatly enhances technology MinD - users can "fly" to create elements that are required in the course of the project.Custom bases can be infinitely filled with new objects to any construction applications and share them among their peers.

KOMPAS-3D 15 is designed for computers such as IBM PC, running the operating systems MS Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 32-bit or 64-bit versions.Minimum system requirements are consistent with the requirements of the above operating systems. The amount of free space on your hard disk:
To install the base package - 1.2 GB
to install the Machine configuration - an additional 600 MB
Construction for the installation configuration - an extra 2 GB.
to set the configuration of the instrument-making - an additional 500 MB.

Checksums image:
MD5: 48A0D0F892A787A4CF5BCC56B4B76588
SHA-1: B1B3EBBCE805E116BF0F4CDA48322F554B5BA7E3

MD5: D64F81FC48840417BA8843047FC12E6A
SHA-1: 3B610594B6DF52B738B936E6BDEB3319A0F81042

Operating system: Windows® Vista | 7 | 8 | 8.1
Graduation Year: 2015
Author Special Edition: - {A.L.E.X.} -
Interface language: Multilingual
Activation: Included
Size: 1.92 Gb | 1.98 Gb

Kompas-3D 15.2 SP2 Special Edition (x86 / x64 / RUS)

Kompas-3D 15.2 SP2 Special Edition (x86 / x64 / RUS)

Kompas-3D 15.2 SP2 Special Edition (x86 / x64 / RUS)

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