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Punto Switcher 3.4.9 Build 414 RePack by elchupakabra

Category: Software | Added: 09/30/2015, 05:31 | Downloads: 478
Punto Switcher 3.4.9 Build 414 RePack by elchupakabra

Punto Switcher - Automatic switch keyboard layout.Sometimes you forget to switch the keyboard layout from Russian into English and get, for example, "Tsshtvschtsy" instead of «Windows» and vice versa, without having to switch the keyboard layout from Russian into English, youYou get «Hjccbz» instead of "Russia". Now switch on the keyboard, you can just forget it, the switch will be made automatically!

Program features:
• Create and edit your own custom dictionary;
• fix accidentally pressed CapsLock;
• cancellation switch and fix typed text on pressing Break. For example, you want to turn just typed "we" in «vs» - click Break;
• Prevent switching and corrections. For example, you type a password in Latin letters, and do not want to layout switched. Press the right arrow key (->), and the layout will not switch, and type the text to be corrected;
• beep when typos;
• correction of the first two capital letters, for example in the case of: Russia - Russian.
• setting can switch the layout;
• AutoCorrect. Now you can create shortcuts that will unfold. For example, you write - "SORT", and the three letters to turn the phrase "Regards". Also, you can put in the AutoCorrect name of the firm, such as the JCC - "Samara Cable Company."

Differences from the original version:
1. Removed spy program module (patch KloneBADGuY)
2. Integrated Programme Search: Yandex or Google (a choice at installation)
3. The installation path changed to% ProgramFiles% Punto Switcher
4. Optional possibility (a choice at installation) of additional components of the program: the sounds, blog, FAQ
5. Choosing to install the storage location of the user settings and program files: in the program folder or in the user profile folder
6. Choosing to install the use of flags and setting off their blackout
7. Choosing to install icons to flag languages ​​RU, EN, UA
8. Ability to install alternative sounds
9. Removed scrollbars in the windows of almost all settings
10. Removed: Updates downloader, html-advertising and license file
11. Program settings are saved standard, but disabled: check for updates, tips and hints vsplavayuschie, including automatic password entry
12. Located next to the installer preferences.xml (custom settings), replace.dat (AutoCorrect list), user.dic (exclusion rules), diary.dat (blog) will be automatically copied to the folder settings
13. automatically integrated into the register next to the installer settings.reg. Although the program and stores its settings in the registry can contain related system settings such as disabling startup of the language bar.

"Quiet" setting key / SILENT

Date: 2015
Platform: Windows All
Interface: Multilingual have
Activation: Not required
Size: 1.51 Mb

Download: Punto Switcher 3.4.9 Build 414 RePack by elchupakabra