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Ashampoo Photo Converter 2.0.0 DC 12.02.2015

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Ashampoo Photo Converter 2.0.0 DC 12.02.2015

Photo Converter the perfect tool to edit hundreds of photos. In one click you can: adjust the size of the photos, rotate, automatic adjustment, save in one of several new formats or protect the photos with a watermark. The program is multilingual, including Russian.

Features of Ashampoo Photo Converter:
• Choose from 21 different formats, including such as JPG and PNG, and even such exotic as the Netpbm.

• Rotate, Reflect or flip your image in order to compensate for the bias and irregularities.
• Supported operations
• Rotate 90 ° left / right
• Rotate 180 °
• Reflection
• Coup

• Automatic / manual adjustment of contrast and color, and image resizing.
• Resizing
• The width and height of the image can be specified in the following terms: interest, pixels, centimeters, inches
• Provides the option to "Keep aspect ratio", which you can apply to the width or height of your image.
• For maximum flexibility, you can specify the size of the filters using one of the following options: Apply to all the images only if the image is smaller and only if the image is larger than (specified value)
• Optimization
• Full optimization (color, contrast, compression artifacts)
• color and contrast
• Only flowers
• Only Contrast
• Clean Skin / reduction of compression artifacts
• Increased color
• Other supported settings
• Gamma, brightness, contrast, temperature, hue, saturation, changing the color depth (2, 16, 256, 65k, or 24.7M colors + alpha channel), change the order of RGB (changing the order of the color layers)

• Photo Converter 2 comprises a plurality of artistic effects to help you update your images and make them brighter.
• Watermark
• Choose an existing image as a watermark to your photos. The function supports both transparent and free accommodation with the following provisions: VerhLevo, VerhTsentr, VerhPravo, LevoTsentr Center, PravoTsentr, NizLevo, NizTsentr, NizPravo
• Other supported effects
• Shades of gray, invert colors, blur, sharpen, seamless image, pencil drawing, sepia, blur circles, shadows, white border, the definition of edges, chasing (135 °, 90 °,45 °), stretch, psychedelic, overexposure, outline, button, pixelation, drawing oil, miniature, bright colors

The Organization
• Photo Converter 2 can help you organize your files to you, such as deleting the original files after conversion.
• Supported operations
• Adding EXIF ​​data
• Delete original files after conversion
• Save the original date / time the file

New to Photo Converter 2:
• Ashampoo Photo Converter 2 is our most powerful tool for converting images! Our developers were able to significantly expand the functionality, but keep clear structure of the interface.
• User Interface
• No more trial and error. Preview function in real time 2 Photo Converter lets you freely experiment with the available options.
• Optimization
• Throw away the need for adjusting colors and let Photo Converter 2 automatically determine the optimal settings for each of your images. And with the "Clean Skin", compression artifacts are disappearing.
• Improved color management
• Photo Converter 2 gives you the ability to fine-tune the color settings such as temperature, hue and saturation.
• Artistic Effects
• Let your imagination run wild with the countless variety of artistic effects, such as pencil drawing, sepia or drawing oil. The area allows you to preview immediately get an idea of ​​the result.
• Automatically add EXIF ​​data

Ashampoo Photo Converter 2.0.0 DC 12.02.2015

Graduation Year: 2015
OC: Of Windows 8 / XP / Vista / 7
Language: ML / Multilingual
Activation: cracked-dll
File size: 12.75 MB

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