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VSO ConvertXtoHD Final

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VSO ConvertXtoHD Final

VSO ConvertXtoHD - A new product from the developers of ConvertXtoDVD.VSO ConvertXtoHD older brother ConvertXtoDVD, a senior, he because no converts video to DVD format, and is already in HD, although the "age" of the product is much younger.The user interface remains the same comfortable and functional, you can add a video moving it with the mouse in the main window, but you can through the menu.Specially made detailed screenshots to understand the capabilities of the product as a whole is nothing new, but it is convenient and in Russian, and then we use this program you will be as pleasant as possible.

ConvertXtoHD can convert and then burn to a disc format Blu-Ray your desired video, then the result can be enjoyed sitting in front of a TV.The rate of the program did not check, but knowing other products from this company, I think that there are no problems.In general, add at ConvertXtoHD nothing special, because you all know the program ConvertXtoDVD, and they are very similar, only the output result is different, so I will not write a lot, all the successful conversion!

Convert to Blu-ray
Convert your videos in HD in just a click - whatever their original format - to watch on any Blu-ray or AVCHD player!
• Create AVCHD and Blu-ray folders, disks and ISO images.
• Supports all input files: .avi, .mkv, Blu-rays, DVDs, .mts, .mpg, FLV, see more
• Choose your output size: DVD-5, DVD-9, BD-25, BD-50, or custom value

Edit & Personalize
• See your changes in real time with the live preview!
• Add subtitles & audio
• Advanced subtitle editing
• Adjust synchronization
• Brightness / Contrast
• Rotate videos
• Chapter managment
• Cut out sections of the video
• 480, 576, 720, 1080 resolution
• 16: 9 widescreen or 4: 3 full screen
• Increase audio volume
• Join files into one
• Personalize HD menus
• Padding / Cropping
• Live preview!

Quality & Speed
Conversion speeds are optimized:
• Videos are converted simultaneously and optimized for multi-core processing
• Nvidia Cuda / NVENC and INTEL QuickSync hardware optimizations will be used for encoding and decoding when possible
Advanced settings available like upscaling and downscaling filters and 2 pass conversions are available.

Easy to use
Create Blu-ray from any video with guaranteed compatibility with all home Blu-ray players.
• Burn to disk
• Burn multiple copies
• Make copies of Blu-ray disks
• Create BDMV and AVCHD ISO
• Compatible with all disk formats and burners
• Store conversions on USB key or PC.
• Shutdown PC option when finished
• Various skins to change look and feel of the interface
• Available in multiple languages
• Includes several HD menu templates
• Includes "how to" tutorials and video guides

Whats New:
- 0009333: [Bug] embedded subtitles are squeezed-not proportioned (cedric) - resolved.
- 0009373: [Bug] a few problems with ssa subtitles files when converted to Blu-ray (cedric) - resolved.
- 0009368: [Bug] freezing on samsung player (felicia) - resolved.

Graduation Year : 2015
Activation: Included (patch)
Operating system : Windows® XP | Vista | 7 | 8 & 8.1
Interface language : ML | Multilingual
Size: 36.1 Mb