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All in One Runtimes 2.2.0 Rus

Category: Software / Multimedia | Added: 02/10/2015, 2:10 | Downloads: 552
All in One Runtimes 2.2.0 Rus

All in One Runtimes - A suite of applications required to run and the battery life of most modern games and programs, containing the .NET Framework (including hotfixes), DirectX 9.0c, Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight, Shockwave Player, Java Runtime Environment, Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtimes and Microsoft Visual J # SE.After starting the program will automatically detect the required updates components. This starts a countdown timer, which can be suspended to select only the components you need. Installation is in silent mode, its progress is displayed in the right window as text.

Components All in One Runtimes:
.NET Framework 4.5.2 + Updates
Java Runtime Environment 8
DirectX 9.0c additional files
General runtime files
Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtimes
Microsoft Visual J # 2.0 SE
Microsoft Silverlight 5
Adobe Flash Player 14 (Opera, FireFox, Internet Explorer)
Shockwave Player 12 (Internet Explorer Plugin)

Changes in the All in One Runtimes 2.2.0: 
Adobe Flash Player updated to v16.0.0.296
Java Runtimes 8 upgraded to update 31
Shockwave Player updates on v12.1.6.156

Date: 2015
Platform: Windows® Vista, 7, 8, 10 (x86 / x64)
Interface: Multilingual / English
Activation: Freeware
Size: 354.92 MB

Download: All in One Runtimes 2.2.0 Rus