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ES-Computing EditPlus 3.70.1704

Category: Software | Added: 02/10/2015, 2:12 | Downloads: 487
ES-Computing EditPlus 3.70.1704

EditPlus - Compact 32-bit text editor for Windows, able to read the texts of various formats and character sets.The program features syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, PERL, C / C, Java, javascript and VBScript.Here there is a multi-window interface, built-in Web browser for previewing HTML or Java-Applet.The editor can serve as an excellent substitute for standard notepad of Windows, and, at the same time, has a lot of powerful and convenient opportunities for creators of web pages, translation programsprogrammers and other people on earth.Main features of the editor include syntax highlighting for various file types, the toolbar HTML, custom toolbars, line numbers, ruler, highlighterInternet addresses and e-mail, auto-completion, built-in text clips, the selection of columns, powerful search and replace, including the search for a specific phrase in the group file, multiplecancellation and restoration, a spelling dictionary (separate download), customizable keyboard shortcuts, and, my favorite phrase - much more.

Customizable syntax highlighting (you can create your own);
Regular expressions in search, the search box, both single and multi-line;
Built-in browser, you can specify an external;
The ability to assign programs (such as * .exe, * .chm), if necessary, the work can be seen in the "console" - can be used to compile syntax checking;
Reconfigures the menu;
Recording macros;
The discovery of very large files (eg 200 MB);
Simple support FTP;
Support for many encodings;

The program has an intuitive MDI (multi) interface;
Powerful and easily customizable syntax highlighting for various file types (HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Perl, C / C, Java, javascript, VBScript, etc.).Files syntax highlighting for many other types of files can be downloaded in addition to the special page author Editor: User Files. You can also create your own syntax files for specific types of files;
Built into the program full browser to preview your Web pages, referrals, and for viewing local files;
Built-in FTP commands to send local files to FTP-server, or to directly edit files on the server;
Highlight Internet addresses and e-mail in plain text files allows you to follow links;
In addition to the built-in browser you have the ability to specify any other browser to perform all of the above actions to the Internet;
HTML toolbar allows you to easily insert common tags from HTML, as well as the frame tags to selected text. Besides, the panel includes other means for HTML (HTML color palette, the symbol table generator tables and menu selection objects);
Customizable toolbar documents allows you to easily switch between open documents, and open documents common actions (open, save, share and so on);
You can create your own toolbars, put them in your group of tools to assign the buttons help files, programs, and files with recorded macros;
Auto-completion - time-saving feature that replaces the short cut in a complete line;
Window clip contains a library of text snippets that are intended for quick insertion into the document. Needless to say that you can create your own files with text fragments and edit existing ones;
Document templates allow you to quickly create a new document. Created templates you have different types of files will be displayed in the File menu - Create;
You can select text column using the Alt key and move the mouse;
You can configure different settings for different file types;
Unlike Notepad Windows, EditPlus can operate with very large text files. File size is limited only by the amount of free RAM;
Automatic hyphenation allows you to edit long lines;
Line numbers will help to improve the readability of HTML documents and source programs.
Ruler improves readability and helps to quickly find the location of the cursor;
Full support «drag and drop»;
Team search and replace can handle the regular expressions. The search can set markers (marks) in the found rows, which make it easy to navigate to these markers with any part of the document;
The program can display non-printing characters

EditPlus is a text editor, HTML editor and programmers editor for Windows. While it can serve as a good Notepad replacement, it also offers many powerful features for Web page authors and programmers.EditPlus supports powerful and customizable syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Perl, C / C ++, Java, javascript and VBScript by default.Also, you can create your own syntax file to support other programming languages. So, it supports user-defined tools, help files and keystroke recording files.The output of tool execution can be captured in the Output Window, so that you can double-click the error line to automatically load the file and locate the cursor to that line.

* Multiple document interface
* Overlappable windows
* Tabbed document interface
* Window splitting
* Spell checking
* Regex-based find & replace
* Encoding conversion
* Newline conversion
* Syntax highlighting
* Multiple undo / redo
* Rectangular block selection
* Bracket matching
* Auto indentation
* Auto completion
* Code folding (Text folding)
* Compiler integration
* Shell integration
* Macro (Keystroke recording)
* Multi-line regex support
* Integrated web browser
* Dynamically customizable key bindings
* Sftp (SSH)
8 * UTF-
* UTF-16 (Unicode, little / big endian)
* Any encoding supported by the OS
* DOS (CR / LF)
* Unix (LF)
* Mac (CR)

Date: 2015
Platform: Windows All
Interface: English
Activation: Keymaker-ZWT
Size: 4.23 MB

Download: ES-Computing EditPlus 3.70.1704