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Zona DC 09.02.2015

Category: Software / Multimedia | Added: 02/10/2015, 2:04 | Downloads: 473
Zona DC 09.02.2015

Zona - A recent version of an excellent program that is not complicated to use and is quite well-uneversalnoy in its class, because it is fast, high-quality displays and downloadsany you liked movies and TV shows on any of your request.And there is no need to search long for you more and wrestle with where to download movies, good news or at least, a decent quality. You no longer need to think about technology.Opening the "zone", you just start to look all you want. This universal program can be safely used as an alternative to uTorrent.

The main features:
- View and download videos
- Catalog and search an extensive illustrated database
- To view the video from the first minute torrent download
- Work with the usual torrent.

- Product films and serials
- Search for, download and view movies and TV series
- Functions of the usual torrent client
- View video torrents from the start of the boot process

-More Quick free torrent client;
-Online-View video torrents at once, without waiting for the download;
-Choose Quality video, voice and subtitles before viewing;
-Online-View video without downloading torrents;
-Setting Download speed and efficiency;
-Convenient Search engine for torrent trackers of the world;
-Catalogue Movies by genre description and rating;
-Obnovlyaemy Catalog series and seasonal series;
-Obnovlyaemy Catalog of online games;
-Ability To look, listen and download music.

What's new in the latest version?

* When you can restrict the list of movies by genre, year, and affordable quality film and sorted by popularity, rating and release date.
* You can start the next or previous series at the right time directly from the player.
Also, the player now opens the series and the point where you left off, and stores the selected voiceovers and subtitles.
* Each of the series appeared a page with a description and a series of selection and quality. Now they can not only watch, but also to download.
* The player now gives you the ability to select subtitles and voiceovers.
* You can always see how Zona uses your Internet speed and limit these figures.
* Icon "sad smiley" on the cover means that the film has so far only in low quality.
The inscription "trailer" means that the film has not yet been released, and can be found only a commercial.
* Those movies you see, do not fall into the boot. But you can still download any movie by clicking on the download button on the player or on the cover.
* On the page now has a movie quality options, voice and movie size. Click the big button "View" and start the best option.
* Ability to search, listen and download music. Enter data "VKontakte" - and your music will be in the "zone"
* We have collected and spread by Genre 65,000 movies for you! Enjoy!

Changes in the Zona
A new section "TV Shows"

Date of issue: 02/09/2015
Platform: Windows® 8 / XP / Vista / 7
Language: Multilingual
Activation: Not required
File size: 28,28 Mb

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