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Parted Magic 2015.09.29 Final

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Parted Magic 2015.09.29 Final

Parted Magic - The complete solution for working with hard drive-based bootable LiveCD. The distribution includes a complete operating system.The latter, in turn, in addition to partition management can also make configuration of the installed system, working with the Internet, as well as perform any data operations (the removal, recovery, transfer, etc.).

This is one of the best solutions for managing partitions on Linux, based on the source code GParted, but has a few differences for the better.Since it contains additional features, such as control labels, as well as secure deletion of data (details). Available third components that allow you to work with file systems, operating systems Windows.

The distribution is based on the kernel Linux, as well as components Parted, ntfsprogs and ntfs-3g. Also used for control of Busybox Unix, client-server Dropbear SSH, and the browser Firefox.Graphic xorg server supports most modern and not-so graphics cards, allowing you to work on virtually any system.

• Format internal and external hard drives.
• Move, copy, create, delete, expansion and contraction of the partition on the hard drive.
• Cloning a hard drive, to create a full backup.
• Check the hard drives and their diagnostics.
• Test your memory for bad sectors.
• Benchmark your computer to assess its level of work.
• To delete all data on the hard disk, without the possibility of recovery.
• Provides access to the hard disk when not zagruzayutsya systems allows to save important data.
• Loading a CD / USB memory, then it can operate without CD / USB.
• Supports network connectivity.

Some of the programs included in the Parted Magic:
• GParted - partition editor
• Partition Image - work with disk images
• TestDisk - restoring boot records
• fdisk, sfdisk - partition table editors
• dosfstools - the creation and verification of the integrity of the FAT partition
• ntfsprogs - work with NTFS partitions

Check sum:
md5 137d49cba1d52384ecc9b21d675c00ca

Parted Magic 2015.09.29 Final

Parted Magic 2015.09.29 Final

Operating system: Windows® XP / Vista / Seven / 8
Language: English, Russian (choose at the beginning of the download)
Released: 2015
Activation: Not required
Size: 464,50 Mb

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