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KOMPAS-3D - Three-dimensional modeling system, which has become the standard for thousands of businesses, thanks to a combination of ease of development and ease of operation with powerful features solidand surface modeling. A key feature of the product is to use their own mathematical core and parametric technologies developed by ASCON specialists.

Engineering configuration V15.2
• Setting the Machine configuration for KOMPAS-3D is only possible after installation of KOMPAS-3D.
• Attention! Printer configuration - 32- or 64-bit - should match the version of KOMPAS-3D.
• Engineering configuration includes libraries used in engineering design:
- Mechanics: Animation
- Dimensional chain
- Product: Gearboxes,
- Product: Electric motors,
- Product: Couplings
- Shafts and mechanical transmission,
- Mechanics: Springs,
- Equipment: Pipelines
- Equipment: Metal 3D,
- Molds 3D,
- Equipment: Sweep.
• In addition to the application, machine configuration contains some files needed to use KOMPAS-3D in mechanical design.

Construction configuration V15.2
• Attention!
• Set Building configuration 15.2 is only possible after installation of KOMPAS-3D V15.2 (x64).
• Composition Building configuration:
• Construction 15.2 configuration includes the following components used in industrial and construction design:
• Applications:
- Concrete Structures: QL (includes catalog: Concrete
• construction);
- Architecture: AS / AR (includes catalog: Architectural elements);
- Technology: TX (Catalog includes: Technological equipment
• Communication, Product: Elements of vessels and equipment, Product: Elements
• chemical plants, Product: Machines);
- Life Support: OM (includes catalog: Elements of heating and
• ventilation);
- Life support: VC (includes catalog: Elements of water and
• sewage);
- Hardware: Cabinet (includes catalog: Metal, Product: Model
• Steel, Product: Application of metal structures);
- ASAP Helper;
- Gas supply GOS;
- Rubius Electric Suite: 0.4-10 kV transmission line;
- Rubius Electric Suite: the Ministry of Health;
- KOMPAS-object;
- Manager of the facility construction;
- Library orientation.
• Catalogs:
- Product: Metal;
- Product: Construction machinery;
- Product: OPS;
- Product: SCS;
- Product: Master plan and the landscape;
- Product: PPR and the PIC;
- Product: Wooden constructions;
- Evacuation plan;
- Product: Machine tools;
- Product: TekhnoNIKOL.
• Tutorials:
- ABC of the AU / RA;
- The ABCs of KM;
- The ABCs of QOL;
- Alphabet TX.

Instrument-configuration V15.2
• Installation of the instrument-making configurations for KOMPAS-3D is only possible after installation of KOMPAS-3D.
• Attention! Printer configuration - 32- or 64-bit - should match the version of KOMPAS-3D.
• Instrument-configuration includes applications used for the design of electronic equipment, instruments and electrical equipment:
• - Equipment: Cables and plaits
• The application is designed to automate the process of three-dimensional simulation of electrical cables and harnesses, as well as for the production of design documentation for these products.
• - Currency eCAD-COMPASS
• The library is intended for the formation of KOMPAS-3D three-dimensional model of the PCB in the ECAD-developed systems.
• Includes:
• - text converter for formats KOMPAS-Graphic list of items and product specifications developed systems P-CAD, OrCAD, Protel and Altium Designer;
• - a reverse converter KOMPAS-3D-IDF to transfer data from KOMPAS-3D ECAD-specialized system.
• - Currency PdiF-COMPASS
• The library is intended for transfer to the KOMPAS-Graphic drawings printed circuit assemblies developed ECAD - systems and saved in PDF.

• The main problem solved by the system KOMPAS "Electric - automation of design works related to the issuance of documentation for electrical production facilities.
• KOMPAS "Electricians released in two versions.
- COMPASS "Electric Express. Focuses on the issue of electrical schematic diagrams and lists of items to them.
- COMPASS "Electricians. Focuses on the issue of the full set of documents for electrical equipment and set of operational documentation for the programmable logic controllers.
• The system can be used to design "design organizations, departments, and groups that are engaged in designing various kinds of electrical equipment, such as:
- Low-voltage devices,
- Control systems, protection and automation,
- Electrical substations,
- Other manufacturing facility in which to perform the electrical connections used by the wiring.
• The purpose of design automation system KOMPAS "Electricians - improving the speed and quality of the design documentation.

Differences between version 15.2 from version 15.1

To implement the requirements of GOST 2.503-2013 released GOST 2.503-90 instead in libraries and decorations graphic.lyt vector.lyt included for graphic design and text documents notified.treason. The first sheet. GOST 2.503-2013 F1 and notices. treason. Last. sheets. GOST 2.503-2013 F1. Note. Clearance for notifications about changes corresponding GOST2.503-90 are left in the library design.

Three-dimensional modeling
Now you can set the recording format models in detail (* .m3d).To open the setup dialog, call the Save the parameters that appear in the menu, click Save, save dialog if the file type list, select a row COMPASS Details(* .m3d). In the settings dialog you can save per item to enable / disable the conservation of mass and center of gravity, removing the history of the construction of the transformation components of the body or parts-blank. The same dialog box appears after calling the delete command history of constructing the model.

Drawing. Preparation of drawings
1. linear and angular dimensions are now put down in one of two modes: specify points or during specified objects.To switch is a button Selecting a base object to a special control panel. By default, the linear dimensions are in the mode specified points, allowing you to specify the size of the anchor point, and the angle - in the mode specified intervals, which allows you to specify the angle of the part.
2. The list of text placement, allowing you to select an option arrangement dimensional lettering, moved to the Options tab in the Properties Bar Size tab.Added new text placement option that allows you to position the label in any way - in the middle / outside extension lines, arbitrarily or on the shelf - without explicitly select an option from the list.Method of placement is determined by the system on the Status line, the user sets the mouse in the document window when dimensioning. This new version is named Automatic placement.The previous version of Automatic placement (designed to accommodate lettering in the middle between the extension lines or outside of them) renamed Fixed accommodation.The new version of the placement of the text is available in all sizes, providing for the setting position of the inscriptions, except for a linear chain, linear and angular and radial to the precipice with a break.
3. Binding to the middle of the curve is now done via binding Mid (previously used for this binding nearest point).

Import and export
Improved export documents to PDF. Parameters diversity if they are defined in the assembly model are transmitted to pdf- file.When you view the file in Adobe Reader diversity control is performed by an element to play animations on the panel 3D- tools.In the configuration dialog entries in PDF format Save settings option appeared.If it is enabled, the parameters set for the recording of the current document will be used to record all subsequent documents. When saving specifications, graphics and text documents in the Settings dialog, there is also a filter button, you configure the output filters.

1. Improved application Service Tools.Added commands: like an object - enables us to construct an equidistant curve specified; possible to create audio equidistants - with selected side of the object or two - on both sides.Male thread - allows you to create an image in a document given diameter rod with a thread (top view); possible construction of standard and special threads, as well as the range of line styles.Rebuild the image and opening threads - allows you to restore the relative position of the curve and the associated images of holes and threads.Communication is created by specifying a curve when creating holes and threads; changeover required when the result of editing changed position, shape or size of the curve.Teams rotate objects - can rotate individual objects and groups of up to 90 ° or 180 °; the center of rotation is the center of a bounding box of the object or group of objects.Teams mirroring objects - can reflect the separate objects and groups with respect to the vertical or horizontal axis.Axial through the center of a bounding box of the object or group of objects.The teams align objects - can align a given point of the edge or center of a bounding box specified objects or combine the centers of these rectangles.Dashboard library now includes the following panels: Tools, Operations with contours, holes and thread Rotating objects Aligning objects.When it is connected Library panel is automatically displayed if the document type involves the use of a library of commands (for example, a drawing), and hiding in otherwise (eg, model).
2. Improved library of standard products. Added ability to convert in the document library of design objects in the object library of standard products.To do this, double-click on the project to launch a dialogue editing, and after the change (or not) to close the dialog Apply button.Conversion is available for objects that are inserted from the Design Library, part of the KOMPAS-3D version 9 or later; to convert some of the objects is impossible - in these casesthe message. Now you can use the characteristic points to change the size of the fasteners in KOMPAS-Graphic documents.The catalog Components added holes ASME B1.1.The catalog Fasteners added:Bolts ISO 15072, GOST 7787-81, GOST R ISO 8765-2013, GOST R ISO 4016- 2013, GOST R ISO 4014-2013, GOST R ISO 15072-2013, GOST R 55739-2013; Screws ISO 12474, GOST R ISO 4026-2013, GOST R ISO4027-2013, GOST R ISO 4028-2013, GOST R ISO 4029-2013, GOST R ISO 4766-2013, GOST R ISO 1580-2013, GOST R ISO 1207-2013, GOST R ISO 2010-2013, GOST R ISO 7047 - 2013, GOST R ISO 7046-1-2013, GOST RISO 2009-2013, GOST R ISO 4762- 2012, GOST R ISO 7045-2013, GOST R ISO 7046-2-2013, GOST R ISO 7048- 2013, GOST R ISO 14580-2012, GOST R ISO 14584-2012, GOST R ISO 12474- 2012, GOST R 55742-2013,GOST R ISO 14585-2012, GOST R ISO 14586-2012, GOST R ISO 14587-2012, GOST R ISO 1479-2013, GOST R ISO 1481-2013, GOST R ISO 1482-2013, GOST R ISO 1483-2013, GOST R ISO 10509-2013, GOST R ISO7049-2012, GOST R ISO 7050-2012, GOST R ISO 4018-2013, GOST R ISO 4017-2013, GOST R ISO 8676-2013; Nuts GOST R ISO 4161-2013; Profiles GOST 8239-89, GOST 8240-97, GOST 8509-93, GOST 8510-86, GOST 19771-93, GOST 19772-93.
3. Improved picker documents for KOMPAS-3D: it now allows you to call KOMPAS documents according to their designations and / or names.To specify how the name should be formed in order picker dialog, choose the desired option from the list: Designation, Name, Designation + Name, Name + symbol and select a delimiter.

System requirements:
- MS Windows 8 and above;
- MS Windows 7 SP1 and above;
- MS Windows Vista SP2 and above.
• A prerequisite health KOMPAS-3D and configurations is the support of the CPU instructions SSE2.For other parameters the minimum possible configuration of the computer to install and run KOMPAS-3D meets the minimum system requirements for the respective operating systems.
• RAM: 2 GB
• HDD: 6 GB

Graduation Year : 2015
Activation: Included (crack)
Operating system : Windows® 7 | 8 & 8.1 (x86)
Program page:
Interface language : Russian
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