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ICE Book Reader Pro 9.4.0 + Lang Pack + Skin Pack

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ICE Book Reader Pro 9.4.0 + Lang Pack + Skin Pack

ICE Book Reader Professional - Is a powerful reader of electronic texts (books). It is also possible to use ICE Book Reader Professional as a teleprompter. ICE Book Reader Professional - is the first alternative for the reader .LIT,.CHM files and .ePub not the one that uses the components of Microsoft Reader or Microsoft HELP. It is also possible to use ICE Book Reader Professional as file converter: TXT-HTML, HTML-TXT, TXT-DOC, DOC-TXT, PDB-TXT, LIT-TXT, FB2-TXT, etc. with the conversion of the different code pages.

ICE Book Reader Professional - Is not only a powerful reader of electronic texts (books). This powerful book database:
ICE Book Reader Professional allows you to store books and manage information about them (up to 250,000 books).
ICE Book Reader Professional allows you to automatically organize your book collection. Just add thousands unsorted books in the library of ICE Book Reader Professional, to get completely ordered book collection with minimal effort.
Library ICE Book Reader Professional is unique because it stores all books as separate files. You are free to copy, delete or rename book files. But in any case, ICE Book Reader Professional will ensure the integrity of the database.
ICE Book Reader Professional uses the heterogeneous, distributed, fault-tolerant database. This ensures data integrity even in case any physical damage of data.
Needless to say that the database engine ICE Book Reader Professional is superior to all the classic database. Just try it ...

ICE Book Reader Professional is created in order to make reading text files (electronic books) convenient and comfortable.Why is this important? Reading HTML of pages, documentation, or mail differs from reading e-books. Reading of books demands much more time. Therefore, the load on the eye is much stronger.In addition, reading books is usually a continuous process. While during the reading of HTML pages, reading constantly alternates with a short rest.

This means that for reading books should be to create a more comfortable environment. Otherwise eyes will quickly get tired and there is a serious risk of impair your vision.The main objective of ICE Book Reader Professional - is to do everything possible to prevent the deterioration of vision during long reading.

Take care of your vision as long as possible!

ICE Book Reader Professional can offer new technologies that can save your eyes:
Ultra smooth scrolling text. Precise control of scroll speed
Automatically adjusted scroll speed
Smoothing text (full text antialiasing)
Super scrolling with subpixel precision
Wave scrolling (scrolling without moving text)
Painting the first letter of each paragraph and headlines
Fully automatic format detection, encoding and text language
Automatic mode and reformat the original layout

In addition, ICE Book Reader Professional offers a new way to read books: reading books from a great distance away from the monitor as if you are watching TV. Just try this method and you will see that is very convenient:

No need to sit close to the TV monitor. You can lie on the sofa or sit in a chair at a distance of 2-3 meters from the monitor. Your spine will not get tired of long sitting on a chair.

Reading text from a greater distance than the normal distance from the monitor will help prevent the development of myopia.

You do not need to strain your eyes to examine small letters from a distance. ICE Book Reader Professional allows you to set any size of the letters.

Reading books from a distance means that you will not be able to run to the computer each time to turn the page.If you use ICE Book Reader Professional, you will not have anywhere to run. ICE Book Reader Professional automatically adjusts the speed depending on the density of the text on the page.

Many people do not like to read the text during scrolling. Also, some older LCD monitors can not scroll text without "tails".This is not a problem for ICE Book Reader Professional, because it has automatic paging.Wherein the pause between the paging can be either fixed or variable, depending on the density of the text on the page. There is also another solution - a wave scrolling. Wave scrolling (scrolling without moving text).

ICE Book Reader Professional can do everything you need for comfortable reading:

The ICE Book Reader Professional has five viewing modes: smooth scrolling, automatic paging, automatic wave scrolling, paging manual mode and portrait mode.

ICE Book Reader Professional can read texts from TXT, HTML, XML, RTF, documents Microsoft Word, books PALM (.PDB and .PRC), books PSION / EPOC (.TCR), books Microsoft Reader (.LIT), Microsoft HELP files (.CHM) and FictionBook files (all versions) (.FB2, .XML).

ICE Book Reader Professional has a "book" mode that allows you to use skins created by the user and display a number 1, 2, 3 or more pages with any of their position on the screen of any size.

ICE Book Reader Professional can read files directly from the archives: ZIP, RAR, ARJ, LZH, and HA. External programs are not required.

ICE Book Reader Professional uses a special container for the storage of books. This container allows you to:
Fast compression on the fly with random access to any part of the book without decompressing the entire book. Compression level is always better than the best ZIP compression. The average compression rate of 1: 4 - 1: 7
Dynamically change the content without rewriting the entire book
Set different levels of compression and various size clusters
Changing the compression mode, depending on the contents of the files
Compress not only data, but also all the system tables container
Use different compression algorithms to compress or disable any of the container
Making automatic defragmentation of data in the container on the fly
Automatically reuse space within the container, if some files have been removed within the container, using the optimal strategy for the search and selection of free blocks
Automatically organize blocks inside the container to minimize the physical operations of access to the file
Do not save space at the end of the clusters a cluster if not all busy
Use triple caching system for fast access to the contents of the container with the automatic control, a RAM
Ensure data integrity by using a dual system of data protection checksums variable size length checksum. Now every bit container protected from HDD damage
Encrypt algorithm (ICE Safe) all the information container, including system tables. The block size can be up to 8 million bits.In addition, a special technique that makes it impossible to brute force password guessing. Now container ICE Reader - this is the most protected in the world of container. The level of security exceeds PDF, and LIT
And many other features supported by the container, but not yet used ICE Book Reader Professional

ICE Book Reader Professional allows you to export books in TXT, HTML or Word DOC files MS. There are many different modes of export, allowing to control all text properties.

Special mode for ultra fast moving text, the speed up to 30 pages per second.

ICE Book Reader Professional allows you to change the size of the cache. Within the movement of the text cache is extremely fast, regardless of the selected operating mode.

ICE Book Reader Professional automatically colors in any text. The first letters of each paragraph as well as all the titles automatically are painted in the color selected. This helps the eyes to see more reference points during the reading.

Ultra-smooth scrolling text at a rate of 1 to 500 lines per second. Precision speed control scrolling is required for comfortable reading. Scrolling text implemented in other applications using the third mouse button can not accurately control the speed of scrolling.

There are two scroll modes: constant scroll speed and variable speed scrolling. Variable speed scrolling automatically changes depending on the density of the text, the window width, font size and font type.

ICE Book Reader Professional automatically detects your reading speed and determines the required speed of scrolling or paging. To this must be read manually two pages.

Artificial intelligence system can correctly detect the encoding, language, and format any text files (paragraphs, indents, spaces) automatically.

FSAA with different masks (2x2, 3x3 and 4x4) can make reading more comfortable. The new multi-threaded kernel allows you to create anti-aliased text without visible delays.

Super smooth scrolling can generate additional steps with sub-pixel accuracy. Instead of a single step, while the super smooth scrolling is 2, 3 or 4 steps. This technology is similar to the frequency doubling technology used in televisions with 100 Hz.

Some thin and small fonts can create a flickering effect of the text. To prevent this, ICE Book Reader Professional has a special filter, it suppresses flicker.

ICE Book Reader Professional is a full support for Unicode. This means that ICE Book Reader Professional supports all languages ​​and text encoding, available to MS Windows. *

ICE Book Reader Professional correctly shows the files in any language, regardless of the version of Windows. You only need to have the appropriate fonts.

There are two different modes: automatic reformatting and original formatting. The first mode allows you to read text using any font size. In the second mode, the text is displayed without changing the format.

ICE Book Reader Professional ensures that any text will be displayed without the need for horizontal scrolling.

During the reading of the text supports the full alignment of the text, as well as left-aligned or centered.

All font properties can be changed at will: size, color, attributes (bold, italic, ...), kerning (letter spacing), line spacing, spacing between paragraphs.Moreover, now for all intervals can be negative values. That is, you can display text with an overlap of letters without visible distortion.

Now it can be used as monospaced fonts any font.

ICE Book Reader Professional remembers the position in the file for each file. Also, for each you can make an unlimited number of bookmarks.

ICE Book Reader Professional stores all imported text in its own library. This allows you to quickly view the contents of files without opening the documents themselves.

ICE Book Reader Professional is a system that determines the author of the book and its title. Several books of the author are automatically merged into a single group in the library.

ICE Book Reader Professional blocks screensaver, removes the mouse cursor and increases its priority to HIGH level during scrolling.

ICE Book Reader Professional can easily change the interface language.

ICE Book Reader Professional is a flexible system profiles. You can choose any combination of options that can be saved as a profile.Later, you can activate this profile and restore all the selected options. System profiles allows both to save options for different users ICE Book Reader Professional, and install the selected options separately (change color, font size, ...).

At the ICE Book Reader Professional can use any wireless mouse as a remote control. To do this, place the mouse pointer over the clock on the toolbar and use the mouse buttons and scroll wheel to navigate through the text.

ICE Book Reader Professional allows you to select and copy to the clipboard (clipboard) any part of the text.

ICE Book Reader Professional can be used as a teleprompter. This can be done using any video or video output using an external converter: "VGA-to-TV". **

There is full support for reading aloud, using the Speech API SAPI4.0 and SAPI5.1

ICE Book Reader Professional can create MP3 / WAV files from books. It supports automatic file division.

When creating MP3 books do not need to store multi-megabyte temporary WAV files before encoding to MP3.

Thanks multithreaded kernel, ICE Book Reader Professional provide fastest way for creating MP3 books. Several modules of speech synthesis (SAPI) can "speak" the same time, reducing the time for creating MP3 books.

There is support for dictionaries pronunciations enabled templates. ICE Book Reader Professional allows you to process huge pronunciation dictionaries (millions of words) with no visible delays.

ICE Book Reader Professional has a built in alarm clock.

ICE Book Reader Professional can create video books that can be read using any DVD player.

* The Russian version of ICE Book Reader teleprompter blocked.

Changes in version 9.4.0
Added support for touch panel computer with touch screen
The new touch panel allows the user to create new buttons to any function
The new touchpad is completely scalable. You can easily make a button of any size.
The new text panel uses hypertext engine. You may have to change the text attributes, styles, formatting buttons inside.
Added ability to switch font editor bookmarks / Heads
Several fixes

Interface language : ML, Multilingual
Platform | OS: The Windows 2000 | XP | Vista | 7 | 8
Activation : Not required
File size : 50,5 Mb

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