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Transmute Pro 2.60 + Portable

Category: Software | Added: 03/10/2015, 3:38 | Downloads: 396
Transmute Pro 2.60 + Portable

Transmute Pro - Very simple bookmark manager for export, synchronization between browsers, sort, remove duplicates and edit bookmarks.The program supports all modern web browsers: Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chromium, Flock, and Konqueror. Transmute Pro also works with online bookmarks: Delicious and Google Bookmarks. There is the possibility to back up existing bookmarks.

With Transmute Pro you can easily manage your collection of bookmarks from different browsers, including: editing links, titles, descriptions, keywords, tags, comments, etc.
With an easy-to-use interface Transmute Pro do all operations with bookmarks easy.

Features of Transmute Pro:
• Built-in tool sync bookmarks between different browsers
• Automatic data backup. By default Transmute creates a backup copy of the collection of bookmarks before making changes that provide additional security.
• Storage and run multiple conversions from one profile
• Remove duplicate bookmarks from the specified folder or the entire collection
• Remove dead links from your collection of bookmarks
• Sort your bookmarks and folders in accordance with the specified parameters
• Support for browsers Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, Chromium, Flock and Konqueror
• Support for online bookmarks on Delicious and Google Bookmarks
• Easy to use interface

Transmute Pro 2.60 + Portable

Title: Transmute Pro
Version: 2.60
Operating system: Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 -?
Interface language: ML / Multilingual
Activation: Patch
Size: 10,82 MB

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