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Pixologic ZBrush 4R7

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Pixologic ZBrush 4R7

ZBrush - A program for three-dimensional simulation, created by Pixologic.The distinguishing feature of this software is an imitation of the "modeling" 3D-sculpture, enhanced engine, three-dimensional rendering in real time, which greatly simplifies the process of creatingthe desired 3d-object. Each point (called piksol) contains information not only about its XY coordinates and color values, but also the depth Z, orientation and material.This means that you not only can "sculpt" a three-dimensional object, but also "paint" him, drawing the strokes with depth. That is, you do not have to paint shadows and highlights, so they look natural - ZBrush will do it automatically.

Also works fast with the standard 3d objects using a brush to modify the geometry and textures. Enables interactivity with an incredible number of polygons.Using special techniques, you can raise the tens (or even hundreds) of millions of polygons. Also there are many plug-ins (work with textures, geometry, number of new brushes, the rapid integration with professional packages 2d graphics and much more).

Features ZBrush:
• DynaMesh - simulation without the need for pre-grid model and the use of logical operations on the model while preserving topology.
• Modeling 3D-object from the ball to the finished character, similar to the process of molding clay: you can pull, uniformly applied, modify the geometry of materials and textures, create a flicker of eyes, and so on. D.
• Restoration of geometry and polished surface, creating holes or smooth surfaces along the curves, the organization forms library templates noses, ears, head and other details to create characters that greatly speeds up the workflow.
• The ability to easily cut the model into two or more fragments through the brush in combination with other options, and the creation of complex parts and the addition of the internal thickness of the created models for three-dimensional printing.
• FiberMesh - creating three-dimensional hair, fur and wool export feature ready-made objects.
• A set of brushes for the treatment of fur and hair brush settings.
• Support MicroMesh to render hair / fur or individual polygons in a single three-dimensional objects.
• Set BPR-filters and operators to improve the final rendering ZBrush.
• Configure global shading BPR Global Shadow and Ambient Occlusion shader model for a simple control of light and shadow.
• Cavity Mixer - define the shading for different materials.
• Creation of small parts with tools "Alpha" and "The Mask."
• Smooth surfaces defining the curvature of the grid to generate the mask.
• The global deformation with Transpose Curve tools and UnClip.
• Orientation through the mask tools compression and expansion.
• Editing topology.
• Export to JPEG format with features such as cropping, preview and adjust settings.
• Keeping information about shading on the basis of point of view of the camera, preview the extraction grid, automatic alignment and other perspectives.

Already all probably know that the left ZBrush 4R7. Now it's time to get acquainted with the list of its new features and capabilities.

ZBrush 4R7 is the latest in the line of 4 ZBrush, then to be followed by 5 series. As in previous releases, Pixologic not just made small changes and innovations introduced quite large. In fact, 4R7 - one of the most extensive releases 4 line.

Main Novik ZBrush 4R7: ArrayMesh, NanoMesh and ZModeler with QMesh.All of these features will be useful for the entire creative process, from the initial phase of the basic shape to the final type of work.These Novik will allow you not to leave the cozy soft throughout the entire workflow. Now you can do in ZBrush those things that previously could not be there to implement.

In addition to the core set of new features, the core of ZBrush has been redone. ZBrush 4R7 is the first version, released with support for 64-bit.This will allow you to fully utilize the processing power of your machine. This does not only increase the rate of polygons, but will make it possible for you, artists, to create an even more wonderful work in less time!

Buying or upgraded to ZBrush 4R7, you add another tool in your arsenal, expanding your creative freedom and creativity to the maximum.

ZModeler - A clever system of polygonal modeling, which is designed to simplify the process of creating the model.ZModeler quickly and dynamically creates new forms, making it easier than ever before: flowing forms, deleting blocks of polygons, joining parts of the path blazed and repeat your actions in one click!

NanoMesh and ArrayMesh - You, as an artist, can create more complex and detailed work, keeping a low polycount. And NanoMesh, and ArrayMesh allow to create multiple copies (instances) of any object, which you can adjust in seconds.

Superior BPR Render - System BPR render will now render the entire Surface Noise, as the displacement. It is as if the overlay map displesment to the model, but you do not need to do. You will get very detailed results at render time, regardless of the number of polygons.

ZBrush to Keyshot (ZBridge) - Now you can easily link your ZBrush with Keyshot 5 for hyper-realistic and high-quality images. If you are not yet familiar with Keyshot 5 or if the cost you can not afford, Pixologic provides a "special version» KeyShot for ZBrush.

Support for 64-bit architecture - Extend the boundaries of your imagination with a 64-bit version of ZBrush 4R7. ZBrush is now using all the memory on your computer that will create a more complex operation, and speed up the whole process.

ZRemesher 2.0 - Retopologiyu never been friendly process for the artists. Now with a single click, you can automatically create an organic or hard surface topology.If you still do not like the result, you can always take matters into their own hands and make changes using the curves that will determine the direction of polygons.

FBX Import / Export - Continuing work on improving integration between software packages, ZBrush 4R7 is a new FBX import and export. They supported texture, normal map and displacement, bledsheypy smoothed normal and more!

Other improvements and additions - As in previous updates, ZBrush 4R7 does not just stop at the basic functions. The new version also includes many other additions that will improve your productivity and creativity. Some of them:
Repeat the last action is now possible for any part of the model.
Background images can now be projected on your model. This function can be used as a template for further painting your model.
Start a new Sculpt polygonal primitives - cube, sphere, or cylinder.
Automatic centering TransPose line for any unquoted, partially visible, or symmetrical part geometry in a single click.
Copy and Paste between tools, even sabtulami projects.
And much more!

ZBrush 4R7 is the final iteration within the ZBrush 4 series before we move to ZBrush 5.0. As with our previous point releases, it does not simply make a few minor changes but rather is packed with major additions. In fact, 4R7 is one of the most extensive releases since ZBrush 4 came out.

About Pixologic
Founded in 1997, Pixologic Incorporated develops and markets innovative software tools for the film and video, games, graphic design and illustration markets.ZBrush is a graphic application aimed at simplifying the science behind generating computer graphics.ZBrush appeals to a wide audience by providing empowering tools that give users intuitive and visual control over the digital images they create.By providing a unique synthesis of 2D and 3D capabilities in a single stand-alone tool, ZBrush collapses economic and ease-of-use barriers to creating stunning images.

Date: 2015
Platform: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 (32-bit / 64-bit)
Interface: British
Activation: Patch-1rv4n
Size: 781.54 MB

Download: Pixologic ZBrush 4R7