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Sound Radix Plugins Pack for Windows DC 31.01.2015

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Sound Radix Plugins Pack for Windows DC 31.01.2015

Sound Radix Plugins Pack - A collection of innovative software tools for the best sound with the use of intelligent algorithms and easy to use interface of the plug-ins Sound Radix.

Sound Radix Drum Leveler - New compressor / expander-based bits.Unlike traditional generators envelopes which recognize an incoming signal and is used for applying VCA gain, Drum Leveler uses an advanced algorithm that uses alladvantages of the digital realm, giving you unprecedented control over dynamics of shock. Drum Leveler easy and at the same time a powerful tool that will help you get dense energetic grooves, to improve clarity and to add punch to any percussion performance.

Sound Radix Pi - An innovative, award-winning mixer phase interactions (Phase Interactions Mixer) plaginoa format for Mac and PC. The plugin is designed to improve the summation of your sequencer and mixer.Pi dynamically reduces the relative frequency subtraction between instruments within the mix, improve mono compatibility and returns the lost depth and focus as a result of the frequency of conflicts.

A good relationship between the phases of the tracks in the mixer is the basis for great sounding mix.As a rule, when summing mixer channels in a stereo mix bus, tools intersect and interact with each other over a range of frequencies and phase position.Often, a track with bass may temporarily be out of phase with the drum or rhythm guitar, and the summation of the mix will lead to subtraction of one another, in the frequency range where they intersect, inturn leads to the formation of a temporary "holes" in the low frequency range. Likewise, the snare may ultimately sound flat in the mix if volume resonate with him out of phase.

Designed to improve any mix, Pi dynamically rotates the phase of the individual channels in the mixer for maximum phase correlation within the mix.Plugin minimize negative interactions and improves the overall sound mix. Simply place Pi last insert slot mixer channels and listen. Use any of the 64 groups of channels for a bunch of tools to further enhance your mix.

Sound Radix SurferEQ - Still adjusted equalizer only a certain range of frequencies, but in reality, the fundamental frequency and harmonic series change with the pitch of the instrument or vocal.All this makes the conventional equalizer with a fixed frequency less effective management tool or vocal harmonics. SurferEQ tracks the pitch of the instrument or vocal, and can change the frequency of the equalizer, allowing to control the fundamental frequency and the harmonics of the track.

Sound Radix Auto Align - Recording instrument with more than one microphone, the sound tends to reach each microphone at different intervals of time, and thus have the effect comp filter, when in compoundseveral of these signals some frequencies are subtracted each other while some may reinforce each other creating an unnatural sound. This is known as Comb Filter effect.

Auto-Align will "listen" to your multi-microphone signals and automatically measure and compensate for the delay between the microphones or between DI Box'om and microphone ... Auto-Align with tochnostyu and will significantly reduce the effect of comb filter and significantly improve the quality of sound the end result.

The composition and the version of plug-ins Sound Radix Plugins Pack on 01/31/2015: Drum Leveler v1.0.3, Pi v1.0.8, SurferEQ v1.2.3 and Auto-Align v1.5.2.

Our goal at Sound Radix is to develop innovative software tools to help you achieve the best sound possible. We prefer smart algorithms, yet easy-to-use and immediate interfaces.Most chances are you'll not see digital emulations of vintage hardware made by us, but rather cutting edge tools, designed to help you get the best job done fast, that otherwise would have been impossible to achieve using analog electronics.

Drum Leveler
Drum Leveler is a beat detection-based downward and upward compressor / expander.

Pi - Phase Interactions Mixer
Pi dynamically minimizes frequency cancellations between instruments within the mix and brings back the depth and focus lost when overlapping frequencies collide.

SurferEQ is a pitch tracking equalizer with built-in monophonic pitch-detection engine enabling pitch-relevant equalization and harmonic balancing in real time.

Auto-Align automatically and sample-accurately time-aligns multi-mic recordings, significantly reducing the comb filter effect and dramatically improving the sound of the summed tracks.

WiN32 - VST / VST3 / RTAS, WiN64 - VST / VST3 / AAX

To work needed AAX, RTAS or VST-compatible DAW (Eng. Digital audio workstation, DAW) - a digital audio workstation.

Date: 2015
Platform: Windows All (32 & 64bit)
Interface: British
Activation: Keygen-R2R
Size: 29.98 MB

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