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Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise / Standard (2015 / ML / RUS)

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise / Standard (2015 / ML / RUS)

Microsoft Exchange Server - software for messaging and collaboration. The main functions of Microsoft Exchange: processing and sending e-mail messages, shared calendars and tasks, support for mobile devices and Web access, integration with voice messages.

E-mail remains the foundation of business communication and one of the most important tools for business.It is therefore important to have a modern messaging infrastructure that meets current business expectations.With the growing volume of email and other communications people need tools that help them focus on the most important when interacting with colleagues.There is a growing need for more efficient management, preservation and protection of the information stored in the mailboxes of the company.To solve new business challenges and increase productivity improved integration for Exchange Server with other products Office.Email management has been simplified, allowing to focus on more important tasks and increase effective work with different devices.The architecture of Exchange have been added to the new recovery features, and improved built-in tools to ensure compliance with the protection and preservation of data.

Main features in 2016 Microsoft Exchange Server:
Extensive management. Exchange allows you to customize the solution to meet your unique needs, provides continuous availability of means of communication and gives you the ability to keep things under control.Move to the cloud once all your data or manage hybrid solutions in which the mailboxes are located, and your network, and in the cloud.Have at its disposal a wide range of options, including protection against loss of data and groups of Office 365, and convenient one-stop Administration Center Exchange.Role-based access allows you to effectively manage your Exchange environment and to delegate tasks.Archiving Exchange, large mailboxes and retention policies allow users to store important data in one place, and you can manage storage requirements and regulatory compliance.
Increased productivity on any device. Exchange allows users to work more productively, helping them to cope with the ever-increasing flow of information on multiple devices and work effectively in a team.Due to the mailbox, which is easy to find important messages and set up rules to match your style of work, you get to deal effectively with a large number of cases.Groups of Office 365, which combine user information and tools necessary for productive collaboration, help you simplify teamwork and make it even better.Group "Inbox", a calendar and conversations allow working groups to organize themselves and work together effectively.Service OneDrive business helps to share files with colleagues:you can work on documents together in real time, and when updating file all members of the group will automatically find out about it.On the Outlook for platforms iOS and Android, as well as Web application Outlook Web App, you can work with content, conversations, tasks and schedules from any device.
Protecting the organization. Exchange helps protect business correspondence and confidential information, simplifying compliance with regulatory requirements and internal standards organization.Built-in protection against viruses, spam and phishing ensure the safety of your data in the process of sharing.Security features allow data loss to identify and protect confidential information by a thorough analysis of the content and tips policies in Outlook inform users aboutviolations of policy that prevents the sending of confidential information.People in your organization responsible for compliance can perform discovery of electronic data on the spot among Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for business throughSingle Center for detection of electronic data. This makes it possible to locate, store and analyze information in your organization. The data always stay in place, so you do not need a separate storage for them.

Major new features in 2016 Microsoft Exchange Server:
Teamwork: Exchange 2016 includes a new approach to investments, which simplifies document sharing and eliminates the difficulties associated with control versioning of documents.In Outlook 2016 and Outlook Web App is now possible to attach a document as a reference to SharePoint 2016 (currently in playback mode) or OneDrive for Business.
Outlook Web App: Developers have significantly improved web version of Outlook, to provide users with a more comfortable working with a web application on different devices.Add new instruments, such as: Sweep, Pin, Undo, message threads, the new display mode Inbox in one line, improved HTML rendering, new themes, emoticons and more.
Search: Instant search provides a more accurate and complete results. Outlook 2016 is optimized for capacity utilization Exchange 2016 to perform a quick search among the old and new address.Search also become more intelligent thanks to the prompts search settings and search feature in the calendar of events.
Expandability: improved model of add-ons / extensions for the desktop and Web versions of Outlook, which allows developers to create components directly surrounded by Outlook.Add-ons can now be integrated with user interface components in new directions:the selected text in the message body or meeting, located to the right on the taskbar when composing and reading messages or meeting, via a button or drop-down menu with the options in the toolbar Outlook.
eDiscovery: Exchange 2016 is an updated component of eDiscovery, which has become faster and more scalable.Reliability is increased by using the new search architecture, which works asynchronously and distributes the load across multiple servers with the best fault tolerance. Now you can search, retention, and export data from a public folder.
Simplified architecture: the architecture of Exchange 2016 reflects the way the introduction of the Exchange to Office 365 is the evolution and improved version of Exchange 2013. The combination of server roles Mailbox and Client Access facilitates the planning, scaling and deploying Exchange in a hybrid environment.
High availability: improved automatic recovery, in particular the discovery of discrepancies base.Stability and performance that characterized the Office 365, were so helpful, that have also been introduced in the storage upgrade from Exchange 2013, so all these features are already included in Exchange 2016.

Advantages of Microsoft Exchange Server 2016:
Smart features. With Exchange 2016, you will more than keep up. Faster, accurate and comprehensive search, as well as improved "Inbox" will help you to quickly find the required information.With these features in your inbox will be order and they will be easy to manage, even as the number of messages. In Exchange also has collaboration tools that adapt to fit your needs, and the interface is equally beautiful and comfortable on all devices.
Modern data center. Exchange System created in 2016 on the basis of reliable and proven local architecture.Its innovative and easy to scale any infrastructure, exceptional efficiency and reliability ensure user satisfaction and thanks to the simplified proceduredeployment and support of cloud features, you can connect to the system when and where you want.
Secure your organization. The functions of protection against loss of data, auditing and archiving in Exchange 2016 can help you secure your business contacts and confidential information, and ensure compliance with internal and regulatory requirements.

Mailbox server role, or the Edge Transport server:
· Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard or Datacenter
· Windows Server 2012 Standard or Datacenter

· Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard or Datacenter
· Windows Server 2012 Standard or Datacenter
· 64-bit edition of Windows 8.1

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise / Standard (2015 / ML / RUS)

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