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Recipes 2.186 (RUS)

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Recipes 2.186 (RUS)

Recipes program is designed to maintain a database of recipes, products accounting, compilation and calculation of food, pricing and other purposes. The program contains more than 12,000 recipes and descriptions of cooking any food.

You can automate the process of compiling calculation cards, menus, dishes and movement of products in stock.For all table fields can conveniently sort (including multiple sorts on multiple fields, hold down Shift), filter, group, and search for records. In addition to existing tables, you can create your own "turn-key".

You can create new fields not only stored but calculated using formulas such as SELECT information, and create a field of type "image".The program allows you to build a tree of data on specified fields, consider the results given by the formulas set rules of color highlighting lines and drop-down lists to determine the value in them, determine thesubordinate to the table due to the type of "one-to-many" or "many-to-many". Any table can be printed, exported to MS Excel, MS Word or text format CSV. There are imports from other data sources. And many other amenities.

With this program you will be able to do the following:
* Create, modify, delete records, fields, tables
* Import data into any database table from text files
* Remove duplicate records with the same name and the content of the recipe ingredients. You can configure the other fields.
* Sort the table by any field, including sorting by multiple fields (up to 3), hold the Shift key
* Filter the table by any field, using the following statements: "Contains", "Contains", "Starts with," "Do not start with", "ends with", "does not end on", LIKE, NOT LIKE
* Grouped same data in any field, when the table is sorted by this field (for the selected fields in the properties of the table)
* Mark entries as "Favorites", then they will be displayed in orange. The color is specified in the properties of the table
* Mark entries as "Dead" ("uninteresting"), then they will be displayed in gray (or other) color
* Customize the rules of color highlighting. You decide which lines, what color and under what conditions to allocate.
* Build a tree by any field with an arbitrary number of hierarchical levels to display the data of any table
* Change the data in any field (except ID and calculated fields) directly in the table or on a separate form (selected in the settings), to mark several records, delete, print, export marked
* Change or delete multiple records in any table in the database by using the form "Group updating"
* Create new stored fields for the tables of the following types: text, numerical, Yes / No, date and time
* Create calculated fields for tables, for example, you can create a field with the formula "[Field 1] / [Field 2]"
* Create calculated fields whose values ​​will be taken from other tables.
* Create new tables with absolutely same possibilities on actions with them, as well as at any other table
* Bind drop-down lists of fields to other tables for easy selection of values ​​from them at editing in the table, or to select other forms at editing in the form
* Ask any number of the subordinated tables for any table for what you need to set a binding on fields in properties of table
* Change the order of fields in any table by using drag and drop or by using the form "Settings"
* Rename fields of tables and the names of the tables themselves, in accordance with the specifics of your business.
* Print current representation of any table taking into account visibility of fields, their width and order
* Export data in any table in MS Excel or text CSV-file based on the current view of the table
* Export current record in MS Word-based template file with tabs corresponding field names
* Work with multiple database files, create new databases, of course, you can also open them using MS Access.

What's new in version 2.186:
1. Improvements in the reports - you can apply filters to reports of any type for the fields "Date and Time" shows a drop-down calendar
2. Improvements in the reports - color highlighting, and other settings can be used when outputting to Excel in various combinations, the pattern and taking into account the style
3. Improvements to export to Excel - the field-pictures are stored in the file
4. Improvements in the reports - the ability to output a report in Excel with the group on a template
5. Improvements on imports - buttons to save and load all settings form
6. Improvements to export to Word and Excel in terms of color highlighting and reports
7. Improvements in export to RTF. Ability to specify the # character as a bookmark type tblTable _ # _ Field2_Field3, print the serial number of the record
8. The forms, import new tick "After the call the procedure"
9. The rules of color highlighting a new opportunity to set the picture (file format BMP) to display it in a table cell

Recipes 2.186 (RUS)

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