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Autodesk VRED / Pro / Design / Presenter / Server 2015 SR1 SP6

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Autodesk VRED / Pro / Design / Presenter / Server 2015 SR1 SP6

VRED 2015 - The software of the new generation of American company Autodesk's visualization in real time. The application mainly focuses on the use in industrial design and automotive industries.

VRED family includes three functional versions:
Autodesk VRED (Industrial and product design. The visualization of 3D-models on the fly.)
Autodesk VRED Design (Automotive industry. Analyze and evaluate automotive design ideas in real time.);
Autodesk VRED Pro (Automotive industry, support for visualization-class High-End. Create high-quality visualization and virtual prototypes.)
Optional plug-ins:
VRED Presenter (viewing and presentation tool product configurations in an interactive 3D environment)
VRED Server (server version, focused on multi-user work together strimming)

All products Autodesk VRED can customize the location of buttons and toolbars on your own.

With the tools to customize the user interface, you can easily access any function, placing it on the toolbar. You can also organize, classify and distribute buttons and toolbars in the work area VRED.

Data converter Autodesk DirectConnect, integrated solutions VRED, allows you to import a variety of formats of the most popular CAD systems.

VRED Pro is a professional tool for quick creation of high-quality, realistic illustration of CAD models.User-friendly interface, innovative tools, and the use of new technologies can achieve outstanding results. VRED Professional opens up new prospects - especially for the engineering industry.

The family of products for 3D-visualization Autodesk VRED allows designers and engineers working in the field of industrial design, automotive industry and create colorful presentationsfood, study designs and geometry digital prototypes, and perform surface analysis model using highly realistic materials, camera settings and light, as well as engineering tools.

One of the key features of the product VRED is the opportunity to work with very large amounts of data, which makes VRED ideal tool for visualization of engineering CAD data applications with minimal requirements to their pre-training and optimization.

Autodesk VRED 3D visualization software enables automotive designers and engineers to create product presentations, design reviews, and virtual prototypes with highly realistic materials, physical camera settings,engineering tools, and even surface analysis modes. Visualize your ideas, evaluate your design, and move from physical to virtual prototypes in real time.

VRED For product designers
Visualize 3D models on the fly.

VRED Design For automotive
Review and evaluate automotive design ideas in real time.

VRED Presenter For product presentations
Present product configurations in an interactive 3D environment.

VRED Professional For automotive
Create high-end visualizations and virtual prototypes.

VRED Server For rendering, streaming
Render and stream 3D data on demand.

Date: 2015
Platform: Of Windows 7, Windows 8.1 / Server 2008 R2,
Interface: British
Activation: Crack-XFORCE
Size: 849,19 Mb / 1,42 Gb / 1,41 Gb / 261,60 Mb / 428,18 Mb

Download: Autodesk VRED 2015 SR1 SP6

Download: Autodesk VRED Pro 2015 SR1 SP6

Download: Autodesk VRED Design 2015 SR1 SP6

Download: Autodesk VRED Presenter 2015 SR1 SP6

Download: Autodesk VRED Server 2015 SR1 SP6