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Atomix Virtual DJ Pro Infinity 8.0.0 build 2094.899 (Multi / Ru)

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Atomix Virtual DJ Pro Infinity 8.0.0 build 2094.899 (Multi / Ru)

Virtual DJ - The professional version of the program for DJs, which allows to mix music in real time using effects, transitions and more.The program is ideal for professional DJs and for beginners.Virtual DJ contains a set of audio tools, effects and widgets created specifically for DJs, it is also possible to create music tracks from MP3-files in the builtplayer, the program allows you to overclock the music under the tempo or increase the speed of sound in manual and automatic mode.
Supports the ability to synchronize tracks by tempo and speed by pressing Sync. The result of the finished tracks can be recorded in WAV or MP3 format. But it's best to use this program in real time at discos and parties.

Key features:
- Automatic adjustment of speed tracks
- Changes the volume level
- Excellent imitation vinyl records
- Automatic reduction of the tracks
- Built-in plug-ins for sound processing
- Three-band equalizer
- Management of the pitch (from -34% to + 34%)
- The synchronized sampler
- Compatible with VST effects
- Video mixing (mix songs and / or video clips)
- Full Support Karaoke
- Compatible with ID3-tags
- Encoding CD to MP3
- Compatible with sound cards, ASIO
- Support for the change program interface using skins
- Support for MIDI-keyboard to control tracks
- Record mixes to WAV or MP3 formats
- And much more

If the controller is not detected:
For connection and operation controllers (MIDI keyboard, a mixing console and other audio devices), please log in under your account with Facebook or Google directly from the programvia the "Controllers". There will be an automatic activation and definition of the connected devices. It works only in the Pro version. It is recommended to use a VPN

Title: Atomix Virtual DJ Pro Infinity
Version of the program: 8.0.0 build 2094.899
Language: Multilingual, English and others.
Treatment: Included
Size: 70,54 Mb

System requirements:
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1
Intel® Pentium® 4 processor or AMD Athlon ™ XP
DirectX compatible soundcard
50MB free on the hard drive

Treatment procedure and installation:
1. Set 1setup.msi, then install_virtualdj_pc_v8.0.2094.msi
2. to make the data in the Hosts file

3. Copy the crack from the distribution in the installation folder, and enter any name and any email account.
5. Click the Generate button
6. Check in the library of the "Documents" folder in VirtualDJ should create a file license.dat
If it is - congratulations - you just activated Pro Infinity version of VirtualDJ.
P.s. If it is not - or is deleted when the program starts - blocking access to Internet firewall program (or better to disconnect the Internet!) And repeat the procedure of treatment.

Download Atomix Virtual DJ Pro Infinity 8.0.0 build 2094.899 (Multi / Ru)