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Tanida Demo Builder 10.0.0 Full

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Tanida Demo Builder 10.0.0 Full

Tanida Demo Builder - Development tool for creating professional and fully interactive application simulations, presentations and tutorials.The interface is easy to use and does not require professional knowledge and skills.The program includes tools for editing objects, effects and visual aids to create audio-visual Flash - movies that graphically demonstrate your demos, tutorials and presentations.

Automatically captures all activities that occur in the running application, allowing you to then edit the clips, add annotations, creating a professional presentation.The utility saves videos in format Flash. You can also import a presentation into a format AVI, glue rollers or cut into individual scenes and much more.

Demo Builder boasts a more sophisticated user interface that simplifies access to the main tools and functions of the product.Each roller may be provided with buttons «Play» and «Replay», which are responsible for reproduction and repeated viewing of video.New function Zoom-n-Pan will help to focus the viewer on the right area of ​​the screen and the tool Record Active Window enables you to record everything that happens in the active window.Users will appreciate the support of Flash Video format, and a whole new set of transition effects and will be able to modify the appearance of "bubbles" with text comments, pop-up in the process of viewing video. By the way, "bubbles" can now be equipped with "Continue" button.

• Recording motion video
• Export to AVI and Flash formats
• Merge multiple scenes into one
• Separation of one scene into multiple
• Improved algorithm avtovychisleniya time
• Quick screen capture
• Enhanced audio functions
• Export functions All / Save

What's New Demo Builder 10
Now you can add animated characters to your movie and edit them with a full range of amazing actions and realistic movements. From walking, talking, greeting and explanations to intricate eye and head movement; with these new options you'll be creating professional demos in no time!
Top new and improved features:
The New Character Feature
• Characters add a new dynamic by offering a more lively personality to present your movies; they are great for creating eye-catching videos and are perfect for explanations in tutorials.They are also extremely simple to animate and integrate into your movie, so do not hesitate to make full use of this new feature.
Directing Your Character
• We're confident that you'll have fun with this new feature, because directing your Character to walk and talk is such a smooth and simple process.The ease of animation will allow you to get creative and really make your Character come to life with detailed facial movements, life-like gestures and so much more.
The Even Easier Auto-Animate
• This option is for when you have a time limit and you need your demos done now! Click Auto-Animate and Demo Builder's sophisticated programming will read the actions performed in your screen recordings and create movement and speech for your Character accordingly, it's so simple!
Ivona Voices for Tanida
• Ivona brings you award-winning, accurate and natural sounding voices. These smooth and lively voices take the robotic out of your computer's default voice! Use them to convert Text to Speech and have your movies sounding clear, vibrant and, most of all, professional.

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