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Speccy 1.28.708 Professional | Technician Edition RePack

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Speccy 1.28.708 Professional | Technician Edition RePack

Speccy compact software developers a well-known applications to clean your computer from system debris CCleaner. When you start exploring Speccy PC hardware and provides information about the operating system and features installed iron.

With this tool you can check the version of its operating system, detailed information about the processor, operating memory, hard drive, motherboard, video card, etc.In addition, displays temperature readings processor and video card, as well as the operating frequency of RAM and CPU bus speed.

The utility provides detailed information about:
CPU (name, make, model, flows, family and so on. D.).
Hard drive (manufacturer, interface, capacity, file system, and so on. D.).
RAM (name, manufacturer, type, volume, channel, frequency, and so on. D.).
Graphics card (the name, the current authorization, work permit, status, date of manufacture and so on. D.).
Operating System (name, date of installation, the serial number).

Features RePack'a:
Type: Installation | Unpacking the portable version.
Languages: Russian | English | Ukrainian.
Cut: all languages ​​except the above.
Optional: automatic selection bit OS x64 | x86.

Command line:
• Silent install Speccy Professional Edition: / S / PRO
• Quiet unpacking Speccy Professional Edition: / S / PROPORT
• Silent install Speccy Technician Edition: / S / TECH
• Quiet unpacking Speccy Technician Edition: / S / TECHPORT
• It is also possible to select the directory for installation: After all the keys you need to add the / D = Example: fayl_ustanovki.exe / S / PRO / D = C: Speccy

Speccy 1.28.708 Professional | Technician Edition RePack

Released: 2015
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Language: Multilingual
Activation: Not required
Size: 3,75 Mb

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