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SyncBackPro - Software for data backup. It works on both the local computer and the FTP server.Important for the user data using the program can be recorded on CD-RW drives and CompactFlash cards.After installing SyncBack Pro integrates into the context menu of Windows Explorer, allowing you to quickly create a copy of an important file or synchronize directory.Program settings quite clear, if something you are unsure, then carefully look for the pop-up prompts or read a detailed reference guide.

SyncBackPro - Easily backup, synchronize, or restore your files to another drive, FTP server, ZIP file, networked drive, or removable media.Highly configurable, SyncBackSE includes:open / locked file copying; fast backup option; true synchronization; Zip64 support; compression filtering; detailed and easy to read log files; email results; simulated backups and restore; filefilters; sub-directory selection; copy verification; background backups; auto-close of programs; easy and expert modes; profile groups; compare files, and an extensive context sensitive help file.

Released: 2015
Operating system: Windows® 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8
Language: Multi / Multi
Activation: keygen
Size: 16.5 MB

Download: SyncBackPro