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Nikon ViewNX 2.10.3 (x32 / x64)

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Nikon ViewNX 2.10.3 (x32 / x64)

Nikon ViewNX - economical "all-in-one" software package that allows you to view, edit and share images, including videos. The software allows you to catalog and manage large collections of photos. ViewNX 2 provides a range of easy to use, nice features (functions) that can not offer the usual software that came with your computer's OS.

In addition to the basic functions of data import and browsing, ViewNX 2 incorporates various tools such as resize, brightness control, cropping, editing functions videos, as well as functions to process RAW files in the NEF format used in the photographic equipment company Nikon. File format NEF (Nikon Electronic Format) is developed by the company Nikon. This program is for viewing and editing supplied with digital photo cameras Nikon will allow a large number of photographers fully enjoy digital images.

Some features:
• A refined interface.
• There are three kinds of workspaces: the browser, geotag, edit.
• Workspaces can be smoothly switched.
• Background color can be selected according to image brightness (white, gray, dark gray, black).

The list of thumbnails can be selected when mode is "Browser" or "Edit" Geotags help implement search on a large collection of photographs and allow snap photos to locations where pictures were taken.

Advanced features image editing:
• Trimming (cropping).
• Fix.
• Resize images.
• Adjust contrast and brightness.
• Red-Eye Removal.

The software includes features editing videos (small video clips). Can be set start and end points, can be removed unwanted part of the video. Selected frames can be saved. Improved print functions. Besides printing, such as printing on a full page, print with dimensions of standard photographs, users were in demand following functions: Select background color: white, gray, dark gray and black. Print information next to the images: date and time of the snapshot, the metadata header.

Nikon ViewNX 2.10.3 (x32 / x64)

Nikon ViewNX 2.10.3 (x32 / x64)

Developer: © Nikon Corporation
Operating system : Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8
Interface : English
Activation : Not required
Size : 107,77 Mb/108,67 Mb

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