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Firefox SM 35.0 + Portable

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Firefox SM 35.0 + Portable

Firefox SM - Build from 14.01.2015 browser-based updated Mozilla Firefox 35.0.0

- Expansion "Menu Icons Plus".
- Script "blocker Flash".
- Styles "Theme Firefox SM" (later will be adjusted in accordance with changes in v35) and "Adjustment of certain sites".

- Removed some modules which are contrary to the concept of the Assembly (not fully resolved).
- Adjusting the settings.

- The "AdvOR" (finally).

(!) Be sure to read before installing the item description "Recommended Installation / Upgrade" and "important".

- Installed with a set of extensions, tools, custom scripts, styles and buttons, replacing the official version of Mozilla Firefox.
- Compiled using VS 2013 with some modifications, disabled / cut out some of the functions.
- Simplified interface optimized settings for faster surfing and comfortable work with the browser.
- We build your ad-blocking filters.
- The theme used style "theme Firefox SM".
- To install the browser used by the original installer.

- " Downloader" - Download music, videos and photos.
- "Adblock" - ad Blocker (can vary between Plus/Edge).
- "Add to Search Bar" - Adding a search plug-in for any page in the search bar.
- "BlockSite Plus" - Locker sites (the Assembly is used as a means to block paid mobile subscriptions, and the addition to "Adblock"), displays the notification on the lock at the bottom browser when you try to lookup the forwarding address for the subscription. Rules for the extension are updated on the forum of the Assembly.
- "Custom Buttons" - Adding buttons.
- "Download Master Plugin" - Integration of Download Master in Firefox SM (works with the Portable, thanks -
- "Greasemonkey" - Manager scripts.
- "Menu Icons Plus" - Icons menu + Additional functions.
- "NetVideoHunter Downloader" - Download video and audio from websites.
- "Stylish" - Style Manager.
- "Torrent Tornado" - Torrent client for Mozilla.

Additional features (extension "Menu Icons Plus"), without the possibility of disconnection:
- Open your bookmarks, history, menu item "Open image" in a new tab.
- Option button "Reset" (Restart).
- The menu item "Duplicate Tab" (Duplicate in Tab Context Menu).
- Search for similar images in Google (Search By Image).
- Search on the current site in Google (Search Site).
- The menu item "Copy as text" copy without formatting (Copy Pure Text).
- Zoom and rotate the image (ImageTweak).
- Search from the context menu with a choice of search engine (Context Search).
- Create a list of words and phrases to quickly insert (MyWords).

- "Convertilla" - Simple video converter (allows you to download videos from YouTube with the help of Download Master in high quality (4K Video) and * .mp3).
- "Image Uploader" - Download images and files to popular hosting + label in the Send To menu.
- "Download Master" - Download Manager (to play sounds go to Settings> Sound> Default).
- "Radio" (Internet radio - a Convenient and simple application to listen to and record online radio
- "Screenshot Creator" - small but functional skrinshoter.
- "KeePass" - Supports auto-dial for quick input and plug-ins (portable password database in the application for the Android).

- Blocker Flash - Flash-blocker objects.
- Select text links.
- Changing the size of the text entry fields.
- UP / DOWN buttons.
- Backlight is the URL of the cursor.
- Google (Direct links in the search engine).
- Yandex (Hides advertising in search engines).

- "BB-codes" - Menu with BB-Codes.
- "Light ON / OFF" - Dark style for sites.
- "Manager Cookies" - Opens the Control Cookies.
- "Transfer" - Translation of pages and highlighted text.
- "Proxy" - Switch proxy, three positions.
- "Save as PNG / PDF" - Save pages to PDF, and PNG.
- Buttons utilities ...

- "Change background image viewer, TXT, and INI files" ...
- "Correction of certain sites."
- "Hide ..." - Styles hide some elements of the interface.
- "Theme Firefox SM" - Changes the built-in theme (disable for installation of other topics).

- Microsoft Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin
- SumatraPDF Browser Plugin

Filters AdBlock:
- "SM" - a list of basic rules.
- "SM-AntiSocial" - Filter button lock and comments sots.setey, used in conjunction with the main filter as an additional (disabled by default).

(!) Most filters manually update the basic configuration of the expansion, it will help get rid of a variety of troubles.


If the assembly is first installed Firefox SM:
- Typical installation without options.
- If Mozilla Firefox is present on the PC, the existing profile with the installation can not be affected by the assembly and is always close to the profile of the assembly.

If the assembly is installed Firefox SM as updating a previous build:
- Close the browser, utilities included in the assembly of the taskbar, to run the installer and install Firefox SM.

- There is no possibility of synchronization (as a valid choice of storage of personal data) and printing pages.
(!) Portable version of an assembly for reference only.

Language: Multilingual
Operating system: Windows® 8/8.1 (7 incomplete interface support / XP is not supported).
Activation: not required
Size: 58.2 Mb

Download Firefox 35.0 SM

Download Firefox Portable 35.0 SM