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Dropbox 3.0.5

Category: Software | Posted: 08/10/2015, 3:56 | Downloads: 467
Dropbox 3.0.5

Dropbox - Program for working with cloud data store, allowing users to store their data on servers in the cloud and grant other users access to them.Tools for data storage and sharing, data synchronization, as hosting minisite, Assistant IT developers and ordinary users.

Dropbox works on the principle of data synchronization - when installing on a computer creates a folder «My Dropbox», which is synchronized with the online repository.Any change in the content of any local folder and changes will occur to Dropbox server. Access to the online store can be provided from any computer that makes this program very handy for sharing files and backing up important data.

Main features of Dropbox:
• Extremely easy to use, requires little or no training.
• Synchronization occurs without user intervention. You can connect multiple computers.
• Allows you to work with many files and folders at the same time
• Fits on any OS
• Supports any type of file.
• Automatic update of data during the upgrade on the local computer.
• If you change the part of the file, only the changed fragment is transmitted,
- That substantially reduces the traffic and accelerate the synchronization process.
• The history of file changes, is available for the period of last 30 days.
• High level of service security. achieved transmission
- Data over an encrypted channel (SSL) and storage "in the cloud" of data in encrypted form (AES-256).
• Ability to upload files for sharing via the «Public» folder.
• Ability to create "share drives" folders for sharing those with different accounts on the service.
• loading and shipping speed, you can restrict or grant Dropbox is the program itself.

Whats New:
Fix an issue preventing Dropbox from starting on Windows XP
Fix an issue preventing Dropbox from starting on Fedora 20
Fix a rare issue that could cause crashes when using Camera Uploads on Windows
Pause icon on Mac is no longer tiny on Retina displays

Operating system: Windows Operating System
Language: Multi / Multi
Activation: not required
Size: 44.7 MB

Dropbox 3.0.5