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OnOne Perfect Effects Premium Edition

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OnOne Perfect Effects Premium Edition

Perfect Effects It includes a complete library of professional photographic effects with an extensive range with a universal application - development of Jack Davis and Kevin Kubota.It allows processing in batch mode, regardless of the format and the image size, add watermark, apply multiple effects simultaneously, and many others The treatment can be done in automatic and manual modes can be previewed.

With Perfect Effects - Your creative work is accelerated repeatedly and go to the next level by automating many routine processes.Perfect Effects unlike the popular PhotoTools plug-in, can be used as a standalone program while maintaining the ability to call it as a plug-in from Adobe Photoshop application,Lightroom and Photoshop Elements.The new program onOne Software have tried to keep all the best of PhotoTools expanding library of effects to add full-screen previews and cumulative, modern management tools forcreate, customize and save the effects, with the ability to limit the effects of a certain color or tonal range of the image.

Main advantages:
A complete library of professional effects - A wide variety of professional and creative effects, which can be used alone or in combination with other effects or presets.A large number of customizable options to produce the desired results. Effects are divided into categories and are included in the menu as tabs, here are some of them: black byly, old style cinema and photos, photo filters, textures and borders.
The combination of effects - the effects can be combined by stacking them on top of each other as filter on the camera lens.This allows photographers to explore their creative potential and create your own unique look. The combinations can be saved as presets to quickly apply them in the future.
Full real-time preview - photographers can now be viewed in real time how the different effects will appear in the images in combination before they are applied.
combining Settings - photographers were given more options for overlay control options for each effect, and to determine how and where an effect is applied without the need to make complex selections or masks.
Masking Tools - masking popular tools were originally developed and introduced with FocalPoint and PhotoTools 2.6. He introduced and Perfect Effects, and will give the greatest control over how and where to apply the effect to the image.
Manual setting - allows you to customize every element of any effect: the intensity, color, tone and texture. It allows photographers to apply the effect, and then customize it to create your own unique look.
New Vintage Effects - Effects vintage stylized old school.

Minimum system requirements:
Windows 7/8 (X64)
Core 2 Duo or better
2 GB of memory
Screen resolution 1280x720 or higher
Adobe Flash Player 11
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

Supported host applications:
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Adobe Lightroom
OnOne Perfect Effects Premium Edition

OnOne Perfect Effects Premium Edition

OnOne Perfect Effects Premium Edition

Date: 2014
Platform: Windows 7/8 x64 bit only
Interface: British
Activation: Serial
Size: 275.11 MB

Download: OnOne Perfect Effects Premium Edition