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KOMPAS-3D V.15.1.4 (x86 / x64 / RUS)

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KOMPAS-3D V.15.1.4 (x86 / x64 / RUS)

The main problem to be solved by the system of KOMPAS-3D - modeling products to significantly reduce the period and the early launch them into production.These goals are achieved through features: - quick design and technological documentation, necessary for production output (assembly drawings, specifications, detail, etc.)

- Transfer of geometry into design applications;
- Geometry of the transmission packets development of control programs for CNC equipment;
- Creating additional images (for example, for catalog, creating illustrations for technical documentation, etc.).

Engineering configuration V15.1
Installing the Machine configuration for KOMPAS-3D is only possible after installation of KOMPAS-3D.
Engineering configuration includes libraries used in engineering design:
- Mechanics: Animation,
- Dimensional chain
- Product: Gearboxes,
- Product: Electric motors,
- Product: Clutches,
- Shafts and mechanical transmission,
- Mechanics: Springs,
- Equipment: Pipelines
- Equipment: 3D Metal structures,
- Molds 3D,
- Equipment: Sweep.
In addition to applications, machine configuration contains some files needed to use KOMPAS-3D in the engineering design.

Construction configuration V15.1
Construction Installation Configuration 15.1 is only possible after installation of KOMPAS-3D V15.1.
Composition Building configuration:
Construction configuration 15.1 includes the following components used in industrial and construction design:
- Concrete Structures: LQ (includes catalog: Concrete
- Architecture: AS / AR (includes catalog: Architectural elements);
- Technology: TX (Catalog includes: Technological equipment
Communication, Product: Elements of vessels and vehicles, Product: Elements
chemical plants, Product: Machine tools);
- Life Support: OM (includes catalog: Elements of heating and
- Life support: VC (includes catalog: Elements of water supply and
- Metal structures: Cabinet (includes catalog: Metal, Product: Model
metal, Product: Metal Components);
- ASAP Helper;
- Gas supply: GOS;
- Rubius Electric Suite: 0.4-10 kV transmission lines;
- Rubius Electric Suite: Ministry of Health;
- KOMPAS-object;
- The manager of the facility;
- Library Orientation.
- Product: Metal;
- Product: Construction machinery;
- Product: OPS;
- Product: SCS;
- Product: Master plan and the landscape;
- Product: PPR and POS;
- Product: Wooden constructions;
- Evacuation plan;
- Product: Machine tools;
- Product: TekhnoNIKOL.
- ABC of AC / AP;
- Alphabet KM;
- ABC of QOL;
- Alphabet TX.

Instrument-configuration V15.1
Installation of the instrument-making configurations for KOMPAS-3D is only possible after installation of KOMPAS-3D.
Instrument-configuration includes applications used in the design of electronic equipment, instruments and electrical equipment:
- Equipment: Cables and plaits
The application is designed to automate the process of three-dimensional modeling of electrical cables and harnesses, as well as for the production of design documentation for these products.
- Converter ECAD-COMPASS
The library is intended for the formation of KOMPAS-3D three-dimensional printed circuit board model designed in ECAD-systems.
- Text Converter for formats KOMPAS-Graphic list of items and specifications for products developed in P-CAD systems, OrCAD, Protel and Altium Designer;
- Reverse converter KOMPAS-3D-IDF data from KOMPAS-3D ECAD-specialized system.
- Converter PDIF-COMPASS
The library is intended for transmission in KOMPAS-Graphic drawings printed wiring assemblies, designed in ECAD - systems and saved in PDF format.

The main problem solved COMPASS system "Electric - automation of design works associated with the release of documentation for electrical production facilities.
COMPASS "Electric System released in two versions.
- COMPASS "Electric Express focused on the production of electric schemes and lists the principal elements to them..
- COMPASS "Electric Focuses on the release of the complete set of documents for electrical equipment and a set of operational documentation on programmable logic controllers..
The system can be used to design "design organizations, departments, and groups that are involved in the design of various types of electrical equipment, such as:
- Low-voltage devices,
- Control, protection and automation,
- Electrical substations,
- Other production facilities in which to perform the electrical connections used wire installation.
The purpose of design automation system KOMPAS "Electricians - improving the design speed and quality of documentation.

Additional Information:
KOMPAS-3D requires a computer installed Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.0 or later.

Not guaranteed stable operation on embedded (located on your computer's motherboard) graphics cards. It is recommended to use a graphics card GPUs:
- Quadro FX 380, 580, 1800 and newer;
- GeForce 7XXX series and newer;
- FirePro V5700, V7750, V8700;
- FireGL V5600, V7600, V7700, V8600;
- Radeon series HD2XXX and newer.

System requirements:
- MS Windows 8 and above;
- MS Windows SP1 and 7 above;
- MS Windows Vista SP2 and above.
Prerequisite health KOMPAS-3D and configurations is the support of the CPU instructions SSE2.For other parameters the minimum possible configuration of the computer to install and run KOMPAS-3D meets the minimum system requirements for the respective operating systems.

Operating system: Windows® Vista | 7 | 8 | 8.1
Version of the program: 15.1.4 (x86 / x64)
Language: Multilingual
Treatment: Included (replacement file)
Size: 2.50 Gb | 2.56 Gb

KOMPAS-3D V.15.1.4 (x86 / x64 / RUS)

KOMPAS-3D V.15.1.4 (x86 / x64 / RUS)

KOMPAS-3D V.15.1.4 (x86 / x64 / RUS)

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