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KingSoft WPS Office Home Free 2014 + Rus + Dictionary

Category: Software | Added: 9-10-2015, 03:17 | Downloads: 491
KingSoft WPS Office Home Free 2014 + Rus + Dictionary

WPS Office It is one of the world's most popular cross-platform office solutions. It uses more than 500 million registered users worldwide.WPS Office runs on Windows, Linux, Android and iOS and allows users to view, create and send Office documents that are fully compatible with dozens of document formats, including Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

WPS Office Home Free after installation offers to buy or run a trial period of 30 days. By selecting "use free version" no. After 30 days, the version will automatically become free. WPS Office is 100% free for private and commercial users.

What's new:
- Added "eye Protection"
- Added support for WPS cloud storage Cloud

- You can now split the window vertically and horizontally
- Improved text wrapping around pictures and other objects
- Added additional field codes including PrintDate, DocProperty and IncludePicture
- Added 10 new functions to go to, including go to Footnote and more.
- Added new shortcut to Insert (Insert + PCM)
- Added the ability to return to the last edited place in the text

- Added many formulas: GetPivotData, GET.CELL, NUMBERSTRING and so on.
- Added function for nonlinear programming Solver
- Added error checking
- Pivot table now supports external data sources.
- Paste special now supports “paste comment”
- "Find and replace" now supports text and formatting
- Added the ability to insert and delete rows and columns in a shared workbook

KingSoft WPS Office Home Free 2014 + Rus + Dictionary

Released: 2014
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.1
Interface: English + Multilingual
Activation: not required
Size of archive: 70 Mb

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