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Infix PDF Editor Pro 6.42 RePack by D! Akov

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Infix PDF Editor Pro 6.42 RePack by D! Akov

Via Infix PDF Editor you can open, edit and save PDF files. It's simple and does not take much time: you can change text, fonts, images, etc. And unlike other PDF-editors, Infix works like a normal text editor, and really easy to use.

Getting rid of typos: rapid correction of errors in PDF files. The use of existing PDFs: edit any PDF, without the source file. Save paper: filling out forms without having to print on paper. No matter how much text you need to change a single word, a paragraph or a whole page. Infix – the only PDF-editor that can insure you, changing the formatting and layout of text. After saving all the changes will be to fit in the file.

Functions Infix PDF Editor:
Advanced features for graphics PDF. The composition of Infix Pro includes a set of tools for processing graphics, for example objects can be grouped, hide or block, you can edit them and create a clip mask, it is convenient to align the existing vertical line, which is provided in addition to grids, guides and page margins.
Pasting from PDF. Use existing PDF documents as components – simply place them on the page. Like any other object, you can rotate and move and resize them. Using Infix any document can be converted to PDF, respectively, to PDF you can import any type of document.
Merging PDF by dragging and dropping. Drag to Infix any number of PDF files for subsequent integration into a single document. On all pages of the document you can add headers and footers and page numbers, it uses a powerful feature to copy multiple pages.
Transfer PDF documents using translation tools and XML. Export PDF to XML for working in any application of automated translation and import of translated text (XML) back to PDF. In Infix translated text will be placed as in the original document, and the need to change the layout and font substitution is minimal.
Merging PDF by dragging and dropping. Efficient text fitting provides the best view of the templates Infix Server and conventional illustrations. In Infix Pro can configure the parameters for automatic fitting of text and to specify which characteristics should be changed. You can customize the text in multiple columns or on multiple pages.
Find and replace in multiple PDFs. In Infix Pro implements powerful search function in multiple PDF documents and even in catalogs filled with such documents. The search is performed on all documents, the original documents are not changed, and any errors or processing problems recorded. In addition, the function search and replace can be applied to hyperlinks: it is convenient, for example, if you changed the address of the web site.
Search in PDF and replace the font, color or size. More diverse search criteria to limit the results by size, color or font of the text – it's convenient when changing text in headers and footers without having to change the main text of the PDF document.
Censorship of the text. Convenient and simple overlay feature censorship, which allows you to select and remove any piece of text. The original text is guaranteed to be deleted, and in its place is substituted a black stripe.
Blocking PDF elements in templates. Setting restrictions in PDF files, created for customers: the ability to block objects, move objects only vertically (to maintain alignment), limiting the used sets colors and fonts.
Censorship of the text. Create PDF templates for Infix Server. Marking areas of text that should be replaced, using the function of ordering. The ability to specify the type of text layout during replacement. Markup of images, determining the parameters of the cropping and alignment used in the replacement.

Features RePack'a:
Type: Installation
Language: ML
Activation held
Cut: nothing
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Infix PDF Editor Pro 6.42 RePack by D! Akov

Year: 2015
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Interface: ML / Multilingual
Activation: cured
Size: 64,15 Mb

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