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aSc TimeTables 2015.11.3 Final

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aSc TimeTables 2015.11.3 Final

aSc TimeTables - automatic scheduling of lessons. The program itself is a full schedule that will meet all your requirements. The program "aSc Timetables" is used in more than 150 countries is about 100 thousand schools.

Able aSc TimeTables
Perfect planning
• Simply submit your requirements to the schedule and let the program create and test more than 5 million variants. It will develop an optimal schedule, which will meet all criteria and satisfy both teachers and students.
Quick and easy to use
• Some teachers believe that a computer program can take part of the creative work, but users aSc Timetables confident this program that helps to create a good schedule and save a lot of time
... and another advantage
• Something has changed or an error occurred ? You need to alter the schedule again? No problem. Just fix these, and not even time to drink a Cup of coffee, You will have a new schedule.
• When You are satisfied with the schedule that you can print it out for each class, each Cabinet, teachers, or even individual students. You can change its appearance, fonts, logos, to export to pdf, Excel, or upload to the Internet.
Great opportunities
• You can divide your classes into groups, combine groups of different classes, to introduce even and odd weeks Saturday as working day, optional items, change... The program has all these features and much more. It is refined for almost 20 years and used in many countries including and Russian.

Main characteristics
Automatic scheduling
• Let the computer do all the work for You
Manual configuration
• Created program schedule can be changed manually
Check schedule
• The algorithm to check the schedule and report any inconsistencies, not met the conditions
Easy data entry
• Initial data entry very easy and quick
Schedule in mobile phones
• Can post the schedule online and make it available for smartphones or tablet computers
Import data
• You probably already have most of the necessary data for the schedule in electronic format (a list of teachers, rooms, classes, objects) - they can just import into the program
School buildings
• The program aSc Timetables, you can specify that classes are held in several buildings and to optimize the transfer of teachers between buildings
Fully customizable
• The program can be adapted to the specific needs of each institution
aSc Replacement
• Useful module that allows you to schedule the substitute teachers to print and send announcements about changes in schedules. At the same time replacement can enter multiple users.
The Server EduPage
• On the web server, using aSc Timetables on the Internet, You can quickly create attractive website of an educational institution and one click in the program aSc Timetables it download schedule, replace, publish other relevant information
Customizable for the various educational institutions
• ASc Timetables use in almost all countries of the world, it is designed so that can meet the diverse needs of educational institutions
aSc Timetables online
• This programme module that allows you to create a website of school and to publish the timetables online
Electronic diary
• Using the created schedule, you can begin to use the electronic diary. Teachers can connect to it, enter the curriculum, attendance, and more

Graduation Year : 2014
Activation: Included (patch)
Operating system : Windows® XP | Vista | 7 | 8 & 8.1
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Interface language : ML | Multilingual
Size: 16.2 Mb