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PicturesToExe Deluxe 8.0.10 ML/Rus

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PicturesToExe Deluxe 8.0.10 ML/Rus

PicturesToExe Deluxe tool for creating slideshows. Has a simple to use interface and it can run as ordinary users and professional photographers. To create a slide show you can use any image and text.

Also available for use various cinematographic transition effects between slides (including 3D effects). You can also add background music and text comments. Using the timeline, you can synchronize the picture and the music.

In addition, PicturesToExe contains an option to synchronize the length of the slide show at the time of playing music.The program has a rich palette of various options to help you create a unique presentation! If necessary, you can protect a slide show with a password or specify a date after which the slide show does not operate.

Key features and functions
• Single EXE file. PicturesToExe Deluxe creates a single EXE file that contains all images, music and text. Such a file can be launched on any computer with operating system Windows XP, Vista, 2000;
• Burn DVD. VideoBuilder module will help you burn created video to DVD. VideoBuilder has a large number of options and you can customize the menu and other options the DVD;
• Upload a slideshow to YouTube. To upload videos to YuoTube possible directly from the interface of PicturesToExe Deluxe;
• Create high-quality video. Create a slide show can be saved in a format HD (H.264);
• The effects of proximity, remote and rotation. You can apply these effects in your slide show to make it even more attractive appearance;
• Objects and animations. Powerful editor of objects through various effects, is able to create complex animations;
• Up the slide. Each slide can be configured individually.

Additional features:
- add voice comments (format .wav or .mp3);
- imposing background music;
- overlay the background images.

What's new in PicturesToExe 8
Improved Timeline
Displays all audio tracks and gives the user control over each audio clip.
The volume can be adjusted using cue points to create the envelope.
Gradual appearance and disappearance can be applied to any audio clip.
The audio clip can be associated with the slide. If you move the slide, the audio clip moves with it.
Audio comments added to the slides appear on the timeline.

Improvements in audio
New design of Audio tab in project Settings.
Export audio tracks into one MP3 file to reduce the file size of an executable show. This feature also eliminates the incompatibility of audio files when creating EXE files for playback on Mac.
The 'Audio commentary' in the popup menu of slide List.

Styles slides
The so-called templates consisting of objects with predefined animation which you can apply to existing slides.
Styles can be created, exported and imported using the Editor styles.

Objects and Animation
Dynamic blur can be applied using keyframes. If the blur to apply to the parent object, all child objects will also be blurred. Blur can be used for the slide objects in custom transition effects.
Dynamic Unsharp mask can be applied using keyframes.
Adjusting the color (e.g. Sepia, grayscale) can be applied using keyframes.
The crop tool in the "adjust image and border".
The mask container can be inserted into another mask container.
Transparent background for custom slide transition effects.
Associated image on the slide. See the option "Main object".
Optimized performance of Masked objects.
The "Scale keyframes in objects (on time change)" in the Slide Settings completely redesigned and is the default for new slides. You can change the default settings in the tab Settings / Project.
Use this command to change the duration of the slide in menu on the button ‘More’ in the Object editor and animation. The use of this tool allows the user to save the absolute time position of keyframes or scale keyframes after changing the length of the slide.

Video mask.
Adjustable speed videos.
Support for videos with alpha channel (requires video clips in RGBA format).
Conclusion on Android tablets in resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Added ??button to Quit display ("X") in the upper right corner of the screen in executable shows. This option requires a navigation bar with style Video. Check the box next to the button "Exit" in the list of available buttons for the navigation bar.

Project Templates
New Templates tab in the Preferences window to manage project templates.
Customizable default settings for new projects.

PicturesToExe Deluxe 8.0.10 ML/Rus

Graduation Year: 2014
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Language: Ml / Multilingual
Activation: crack-XenoCoder
Size: 16,5 MB

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