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PassMark OSForensics Professional 3.1 Build 1000 Final

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PassMark OSForensics Professional 3.1 Build 1000 Final

PassMark OSForensics - A powerful suite of tools for computer forensics.The most common software for computer forensics (Computer Forensics) is used by law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies and employees of state agencies to collect evidence andidentify signs of illegal activity on a single PC. In addition, most of these packages can be used for solving less complex, but quite important tasks, such as finding lost files, recovering lost passwords, the discovery of malware, etc. the Product is called OSForensics also easily cope with most of these tasks, but differs from the professional level systems more affordable price.

List functionality OSForensics extremely wide. For example, the program will make digital signatures, which describe all found on the hard drive files.Create several signatures, the user can quickly find out which objects are subjected to modifications in the intervals between treatments.

Integrated tool OSFMount can be used to mount disk images in all common formats (ISO, BIN, NRG, SDI, VMDK, etc.).The disc is mounted in a virtual drive, and the user can examine the content and interact with files with standard conductor Explorer.

Another interesting module Mismatch File Search scans the hard drive for files whose content does not seem to correspond to expand. Including this component will detect the executable posing as a harmless text document TXT. Thus, users will be able to detect malicious applications and files that are camouflaged by changing the extension. As mentioned above, the user will also be excellent tools quick search for files, password recovery, data recovery and much more.

Program features:
• Search several times faster than Windows standard search.
• An index that allows to further speed up the search.
• Search in mail, with support for all popular mail-clients.
• Recovery of deleted files.
• View recently used documents.
• View the activity of using the computer.
• Collect system information, including hardware and software parts.
• View and save copies the contents of memory.
• Retrieve saved logins and passwords from your browsers.

What's New v3.1.1000
• Email Viewer
— Only one instance of the e-mail viewer window is now available and shared amongst all modules. This allows e-mail messages to be opened instantly without having to reload the e-mail file if it was previously opened.
— Partially loaded e-mail files (ie. cancelled halfway during loading) are no longer allowed and removed from the tree view
— Added support for recovering deleted and orphaned e-mails in PST files
— Added status bar on the bottom of the window to indicate the number of items in the current folder
— Fixed header field (From, To, Cc) text not showing when text length is too long
— Fixed saving attachments with invalid filename characters
— Added implementation to save PST emails with embedded message attachments in MSG format.
— Removed storage of e-mail file path for each mail item to reduce memory usage
— Fixed a crash when closing e-mail viewer while still loading e-mail/searching
• Direct Access
— Reduced the memory usage for VMDK, VHDI and raw images
— Cache data is now share globally per device rather than per device/thread. This reduces memory usage and increases performance
— Fixed loading of $MFT file split into multiple MFT records
— Added caching of ATTRIBUTE_LIST to improve performance
— Fixed a possible crash when saving to disk
• Internal viewer
— Fixed a crash related to merged cells when converting excel document to html
— Fixed a bug with POLE library causing large files to be saved improperly
— Fixed hex view showing incorrect bytes while performing search
• Forensic Copy
— Fixed error message preventing files to be copied to a windows drive destination
• File Indexing
— Added support for indexing .tar .gz .tar.gz, etc.
— Added BinStringsUseBigram option for create index binary string extraction settings, Code words and Extreme
— Added options to index "System hibernation and paging files"
— Changed email prescan estimate to handle more cases
— Added a MAXPAGES min. cap of 100,000 pages when scanning attachments
— Fixed a bug with not detecting if wordmap merging failed mid write due to out of space or other causes.
— Fixed a bug with free edition not indexing PDF files properly (indexed as html)
— Fixed a bug with not being able to perform searches on indexes created within a folder path that contains Unicode character (e.g. unicode characters in user name or in case name)
— Fixed an issue with not scanning text files (non plugin files) when scan .sys files is enabled.
— Fixed a bug with an infinite loop when indexing a file misnamed as DOC (e.g. a RTF file)
— Fixed several bugs when indexing emails
• Recent Activity
— New user interface, summary of items shown in left hand treeview side, added filters, new sortable list
— Updated to work with latest version of opera (23)
— Now searching localised folder names so should return more results on non-english installs of Windows
— Now searching more registry locations for installed programs so far more results should be returned
— Fixed a bug where registry locations of some installed programs weren’t displayed fully
— Fixed some issues when trying to get recent activity from non-system drives
• Drive Preparation
— Improvements to Disk preparation error messages.
— Improvement to the Drive preparation progress update.
• Disk Imaging
— Raid rebuilding, fixed detection of RAID metadata for Promise RAID controllers

PassMark OSForensics Professional 3.1 Build 1000 Final

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