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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7

Category: Software | Posted: 13/10/2015, 4:06 | Downloads: 496
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 - New graphics package that allows you to confidently move forward any graphic project.Sharp tools, the best on the market compatible files and updated content will help bring creative ideas into professional results, from the colorful logos and signs to the extraordinary marketing materials and attractive web graphics.

It consists of vector graphics CorelDRAW X7, raster graphics editor PHOTO-PAINT X7, a program for transforming raster images into vector Corel PowerTRACE X7, programfor creating screenshots Corel CAPTURE X7, as well as e-book to work with the package CorelDRAW Handbook. This package combines the full range of excellent design capabilities, speed and ease of use.
The package provides a complete set of tools for creating illustrations, logos, brochures, newsletters, advertisements, booklets and publicity boards and is the best graphics solution.This software package is perfect for creating new trends in the fashion industry and the development of designer clothes.Create intricate designs and distribute them to the image field will help you a powerful arsenal of tools. CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT significantly expanded its capabilities over previous versions, and analogs of the software industry.

Built-in help, training videos and professionally designed templates to help you quickly get used to the software package.Then you can confidently create anything you like - for example, the impressive logos and signs, web sites and elements of web graphics, billboards, decorative stickers for cars, booklets and much more!

Easy setup and quick start operation
Built in the package detailed tutorial will allow you to get you started and give you confidence when creating spectacular design projects. A useful training videos, tips, expert opinion and handy guide will open you access to new knowledge.

Easily create layouts
The collection, numbering over 1,000 premium fonts, 1000 professional digital high-resolution photos, 10,000 versatile images and 350 professional templates, help increating first-class projects. Effective organization design resources through Corel® CONNECT ™, means instant search content on your computer, local network and websites.

Stylish and original design
Creating a superior design for printed materials and web sites with a complete set of tools for drawing, tracing raster images into vector graphics, photo editing, andalso work with web graphics. Simple management styles and colors using the properties of the windows settings and user-friendly features such as a "set of styles" and "Harmony of colors".

Faster and more efficient work
Save time and money by using a single complete package for graphic design, containing all the necessary applications. Also, you can now harness the power of multi-core processing and native support for 64-bit processors, so you can quickly process large files and images.

Easy sharing of information and unsurpassed compatibility
Output to a wide variety of media - from signage and brochures to business cards, stickers for cars, web graphics and more.With support for over 100 file formats, including AI, PSD, PDF, JPG, PNG, EPS, TIFF, and DOCX, framed images can repurpose and distribute.

Native support for 64-bit multi-core processors
Harness the power of multi-core processing and support for 64-bit processors. Due to the increased speed of large files, and images are processed faster. In addition, increases system performance while running multiple applications.

Some features:
Upgraded User Interface
The ability to share ideas with colleagues and clients in real time
Advanced and powerful solution for transforming raster images
vector graphics
Maximize color matching applications in Corel and Microsoft
Matching colors in Corel and Adobe
Improved integration with Windows Vista
Changed dialog box "Create a template"
80 professionally designed templates
New, editable material
Expedited process layout and text editing
Formatting text in real time
Mirror paragraph text
Support for RAW files
Straighten images
Improved dialog "color curve"
Finished page size

Contents of delivery
• CorelDRAW® X7 - a vector illustration and page layout
• Corel® PHOTO-PAINT ™ X7 - image editing
• Corel® PowerTRACE ™ X7 - tracing raster images into vector graphics (in CorelDRAW X7)
• Corel® CONNECT ™ - a content search tool
• Corel® CAPTURE ™ X7 - screen capture tool
• Corel® Website Creator ™ * - website design
• PhotoZoom Pro 3 † - plug-in to enlarge digital images
• ConceptShare ™ - a tool for online collaboration

System requirements:
An Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64
1 GB of free hard disk space
Screen resolution of 1280 × 768 or higher
Mouse or tablet
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher

Graduation Year: 2014
Platform: Of Windows 8 / 8.1 or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) with the latest service pack
Version of the program:
Developer: Corel Corporation
Language: EN, DE, FR, IT, NL, ES, BR, CZ, PL, RU, CT, CS, JP (Multilingual / Multilanguage present)
Treatment: complete (the crack of X-Force)
Size: 2.19 Gb

Download: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7