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Hot Alarm Clock

Category: Software | Posted: 14/10/2015, 3:08 | Downloads: 486
Hot Alarm Clock

Hot Alarm Clock - Turn your PC into a Service!Wake up to your favorite song or Internet radio to music, use the normal or rising sound, prepare your computer to run programs or launch a browser just by that time,how to wake up! Hot Alarm Clock will offer you a number of customizable alarms, the opportunity to put an alarm clock with a call or with repeated calls for a few different days of the week and different dates.

The program Hot Alarm Clock is already implemented birthday reminders that will remind you of holidays and anniversaries.

Wake up to your favorite music
Wake up to your favorite music, which can be downloaded c! Supports MP3, OGG, WAV and AIFF formats.

Increase volume
The program will automatically adjust the volume before you play a melody, regardless of the current settings of your computer. The increase in volume will occur with the gradual increase if you do not wake up.

Turn your computer into a radio clock
Your computer may be a clock radio! Set Hot Alarm Clock, to wake you up to music of your favorite radio station.

Stopwatch and countdown timer
The program has everything you need to keep track of your schedule and time. Alarm clock and stopwatch, countdown clock, and countdown timer, birthday reminders, and more.

Alerts you of birthdays
Hot Alarm Clock can work as a reminder of birthdays, alerting you of upcoming birthdays. The program can show a simple reminder or complex scenes.

To-do list
With the function of To-Do List, you make sure that your all your tasks are recorded, so as not to forget anything important. Also, you can arrange tasks in order of priority.

Information about the software:
Year / Release date: 2014
Title: Hot Alarm Clock
Platform / system: Windows all
Language: ENG / RUS
Treatment: Serial
Size: 11.87 MB

Hot Alarm Clock

Hot Alarm Clock

Hot Alarm Clock

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