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Cacheman ML/RUS

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Cacheman ML/RUS

Cacheman the program is created to optimize Windows operating systems and configure them for optimum performance. The utility can optimize disk cache, the cache CD-drives, Icon Cache, periodically cleans memory, it changes some settings of the operating system, tracks changes in important parameters, displays the information in graphical form, can generate reports.

Automatic optimization is suitable for beginners and does not require deep knowledge for optimal settings. Possible pre-saving system installations possible pullback.

The utility corrects the behavior of Windows caching of disk operations. Caching (cache) - stores the results of recent operations for faster access to them. The caching features included in Windows, but by default for some reason is not activated, so immediately after the next reinstallation of system is not too lazy to run "Cacheman". The program will not hang in memory, consuming valuable resources, and it would be cruel to mock a virtual memory, registry and system files. It's just one time will change the settings for disk caching in the SYSTEM.INI file and prompts You to reboot. The program interface is extremely user friendly.

If You have no idea what is caching and how to use it to achieve at least some results, you can choose from six types of systems to which You think Your machine, and the program will automatically perform the necessary (according to its Creator) installed. But even if You himself - inventor cached, thanks to flexible settings, Cacheman will still be a handy tool for optimizing Your system. In order to control performance improvement, the program has a built-in meter free resources Windows and counter of free physical and virtual memory.

Some possibilities:
Rezervirovaniya system settings
Auto-optimization for beginners and professional users
Configuring multiple system settings
Displays the list of running processes with detailed information
The repair function of RAM
Icons in the system tray (use CPU and RAM)
Multilingual user interface with support for Russian language

Cacheman ML/RUS

Graduation Year: 2014
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Language: Ml / Multilingual
Activation: crack-WD/key
Size: 7 MB

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