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CyberLink PhotoDirector Suite 6.0.5903 + Rus

Category: Software | Posted: 14/10/2015, 4:03 | Downloads: 439
CyberLink PhotoDirector Suite 6.0.5903 + Rus

Company CyberLink has released a new version of the product PhotoDirector Suite, A set of tools for working with digital images. The owners of digital cameras will get powerful and easy-to-use tools for the orderly storage of images, their accurate processing, and share content.

Here are the most interesting features of CyberLink PhotoDirector:

• Flexible image-cataloging. Installation notes, tags, groups, filters, the use of different viewing options. Photo management is significantly easier than in similar programs
• Synchronization collection folders on the disk, create albums and fixed filters
• Powerful tools for correcting and editing images. Changing the color characteristics of the whole picture and its individual regions. Very interesting and convenient mechanism for selection, use layer masks to overlay different effects
• The ability to quickly create slideshows and preparing images for printing

Advantages of CyberLink PhotoDirector:

• An extensive catalog of functional tools, grouped by thematic categories
• Support for RAW-format used by most well-known manufacturers of digital cameras
• Easy management of photo collections
• Functions of the control of white balance, color correction and removing the "red-eye"
• Merging photos in vivid slideshow
• Fast processing of multiple images with built-in libraries, the flexibility to customize and rich search capabilities • Adjustments photos
• Various image processing modes

Adjustment (Adjustment)
The principle on which correction tools are separated from the editing tools, I was not able to determine.Although primarily intended for adjustment of changes without modifying the image itself, that is, roughly speaking, preserving the outlines of objects.The first is, of course, working with color, brightness and other similar settings.However, under present correction trimming function, changing the angle of rotation of an image point of the replacement image (spot removal) - analogue of Healing Brush in "Photoshop", if you know what it is.

But the main still remain color correction function. Surprisingly, a few dozen of them here.Usual couple sliders (brightness, contrast, color) is distributed to more detailed settings - separately for each color, for each tone.Plus, there are adjustment of sharpness, blur, color temperature, work with color channels and the histogram.But the most interesting features not in abundance, and in that, in addition to working with a photo as a whole, the filters can be applied with a brush or a mask for any part of the image.That is, roughly speaking, the contrast or a cold voice, you can draw directly on photos. There is a third option - a gradient overlay. It allows you to smoothly change the image. A similar effect, for example, is used in the popular Instagram.

Editing (Edit)
As I mentioned above, in the editing tools collected physical image correction.The program makes it simple and intuitive manipulation retouch photos, smooth wrinkles, remove unwanted objects, lighten or darken certain areas.But, of course, the most interesting feature, which I did for a long time played - the increase and decrease of the objects in the photo.Just using it can remove excess roundness to the hips and add splendor to other parts of the body. Of course, the professionals do it all in "Photoshop", but PhotoDirector these editing tools brought almost to the state of the button "make good."

Slide show (Slideshow)
It is the most concise section of all that are in the program.Your video consisting of sequential display of images, ready almost immediately, as soon as you distribute it with the mouse you the desired photos.In a few settings you can choose the method of animation that will be used to change the images, background music, add labels and specify the display time of each frame.

Print (Print)
preparation method for printing photos is as simple as when you create a slide show.Pictures dragged to a virtual sheet of paper, and you can immediately see how it will look in the final result. Settings naturally refer to the standard print options - the sheet size, number of pictures on a sheet, orientation and so on.

Other possibilities
Besides all of the above PhotoDirector can export photos in a different format.Under this process it is implied batch processing of files, in which you can resize images, rename the files under a single standard, mass add a signature (watermark)or frame. Naturally, PhotoDirector supports the publication of images online services - Flickr and Facebook.

Features CyberLink ColorDirector:

• A complete set of tools to improve color: Adjusting the temperature and the intensity of the color of your video tools fine color balance and more.
• Creative Color Management: Add emotions your movies with creative themes of color, regional color adjustment with tools to create masks and tracking movements.
• Communication with the Internet community: You can download presets from DirectorZone and share the results of their work on YouTube and DirectorZone.
• Editing with PowerDirector: ColorDirector designed to provide a smooth "round-trip" editing paired with PowerDirector.

Operating system: Windows® XP / Vista / 7/8
Language: ML + Multilingual (Boomer)
Activation: Present
Size: 570.93 Mb

CyberLink PhotoDirector Suite 6.0.5903 + Rus

CyberLink PhotoDirector Suite 6.0.5903 + Rus