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WebDrive Enterprise 12.1 Build 4082 Final

Category: Software | Posted: 14/10/2015, 04:08 | Downloads: 485
WebDrive Enterprise 12.1 Build 4082 Final

WebDrive - It is a powerful and easy to use FTP-client to connect to remote FTP-servers like any local disk.It allows you to open and edit files on the server without downloading files to your computer.The utility creates a virtual drive, and then the data is transferred from a connected server to the disk from which you can perform various file operations (copy, delete,read / edit attributes and others), as is the case of the analogous conductor for Windows system files.FTP-client has support for FTP, HTTP, WebDAV, SFTP, Amazon S3, SSL, and SSH, you can manually configure a proxy server to create temporary files in the specified folder, and more.

Key features:
• SFTP support-Use WebDrive to connect to SFTP / SSH server for fast and secure access to files. SFTP is supported on Windows NT / 2K / XP / 03. Windows 9x is not supported.
• Microsoft FrontPage support connection to any Web sites running on Microsoft FrontPage.
• Firewall / Proxy support, log on through a variety of proxy servers and firewalls, including MS Proxy 2.0, SOCKS 4.3 and SOCKS 5, and Raptor (gwpasswd).
• S / KEY password encryption, use MD4 and MD5 password encryption for FTP servers.
• Caching files.
• FTP accounts interrupted downloads.

Simple for the Novice, Powerful for the Super-User
• FTP resume interrupted download - if connection has been lost during a file transfer, WebDrive can resume from the point where there connection was lost, rather that restarting from the beginning.
• Secure passwords - WebDrive uses S / KEY Password Encryption - Use MD4 & MD5 password encryption for supported FTP servers.
• File Caching - WebDrive caches both file and directory listings for quick access. You can control the amount of disk space used for the cache, and whether to cache files, directory listings, or both.
• File locking - when used with WebDAV servers. This prevents users from accidentally overwriting another user's changes.
• Backup Utility - WebDrive includes a simple backup utility so that you can easily back up your PC files to an offsite server.
• Compression for faster transfers - WebDrive supports ZLIB compression on SFTP transfers for faster transfer speeds.

System requirements
Operating System
• WebDrive is supported on both the 32- and 64-bit editions of Windows.
- Windows Server 2003, 2008, and 2012
- Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista
- Windows 7 and 8 / 8.1
Disk Space
- Minimum 100MB free disk space for product and caching space
- Pentium class processor or better
- Recommended 8GB RAM
- Minimum 4GB RAM
- Screen resolution of 800 600 or greater?

What's new in version 12.1.4082:
• New: WebDrive for Windows now supports the ability to Export Site profiles for use in WebDrive for Mac, iOS and Droid. It can also import site profiles which were created on those platforms. Now you can create your Site Profile on one system and Sync it across all your devices.

Graduation Year : 2014
Activation: Included (key)
Operating system : Windows® ALL (x86-x64)
Program page:
Interface language : english
Size: 48.5 Mb