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Symantec Data Loss Prevention 12.5.1

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Symantec Data Loss Prevention 12.5.1

Symantec Data Loss Prevention -: Modern multi-component system of protection against data loss, which is an enterprise-class product, and provides a complete integrated data protection in the company, with a Toolsnot only to control movement of information, but also the deployment of agents, expanded reporting and interaction with the data owners.

Symantec DLP solution provides protection of information on all the resources of the enterprise IT-infrastructure:
Tracking and blocking movement of information within the organization and outside it;
The discovery of confidential information publicly available on the file storage, web servers, databases, systems, postal exchange and workflow;
Protection of confidential information on laptops and workstations, including those located outside the corporate network;
Control of mobile applications, cloud and web services, as well as send and receive e-mail on smartphones and tablet computers.

Symantec Data Loss Prevention - Search, monitor, and protect confidential data. This advanced product of Symantec Data Loss Prevention allows you to discover, monitor, and protect confidential data wherever they are - at endpoints, mobile, network, or storage systems.

Detection Data at the end points and servers; definition of the data owners and configuring suspicious activity alerts.
tracking using data regardless of whether or not users are connected to the corporate network.
Protection data by sending notification of violations of policies, detect unprotected files and folders, as well as blocking outgoing connections.
Management policies to protect against data leakage, flow corrective operations, reports and settings using the Web console with advanced features.

New features
Symantec Data Loss Prevention 12.5 provides more opportunities to manage confidential data and simplified management policies to protect against data leakage. In particular, the following new functions are available:
NEW! Self-service portal with an intuitive Web interface enables business information owners to view and fix policy violations using network files directly from the portal, and provides a more efficient risk mitigation.
IMPROVED! Agent endpoints: detects data stored in Mac OS X; It detects, tracks and prevents unwanted events on Microsoft Windows 8.1; monitors the status of virtual machines and applications in Citrix XenApp 6.5, VMware View and Microsoft Hyper-V; It monitors the data transmitted by the protocol Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).
IMPROVED! Endpoint Agent management: provides sophisticated reports on agent status and more flexible deployment configurations for different groups of agents from one server endpoint.
IMPROVED! The interaction between the endpoints: allowing more agent endpoints connect to the server endpoints, thereby increasing the scalability of the system and reducing the number of servers required.
IMPROVED! Search index documents at the end points: find exact matches in documents in real time and provides greater data management capabilities when users are outside of the network.
IMPROVED! Exact search according to: provide more accurate detection of structured data (such as databases, tables) that contain complex sentences and phrases in Chinese, Japanese and Korean, while reducing the number of false positives.
IMPROVED! Email monitoring on mobile devices: detects load of confidential emails on Android and iOS devices on the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol, as well as provides a visual representation of personal devices.
IMPROVED! Network Monitor: detects sensitive data transmitted over the IP-based latest version, IPv6.
NEW! Installing a single server: allows you to deploy the platform Enforce Platform, detection servers and Oracle database on a single physical server in branch offices or small organizations, thus reducing hardware costs and maintenance.

Key Benefits
Symantec Data Loss Prevention protects your confidential information leakage and theft, helping to comply with legal requirements for processing of personal data and protect your reputation.
Getting a clear picture of the risks of data leakage in the organization and measurable risk reduction.
Education bona fide employees of the current policies to prevent accidental leakage of confidential information.
Preventing the theft of valuable intellectual property, including product design and financial reports, malicious employees.
Demonstration of compliance with legal requirements and standards in the field of protection of personal data, including US law Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the European Data Protection Directive.

A large number of methods for the analysis: a content, digital prints, automatic learning, context analysis, hybrid analysis;
Multi-level infrastructure protection: functional agent, high-performance network components, the protection of the many stores.
The ability to scale the system to ensure the functioning of highly complex infrastructures;
Support the large number of network protocols to capture and analysis;
Extensive integration with both the line of Symantec products as well as with third-party solutions;
Endpoint-agent with the ability to lock data in all channels with the implementation of the declared content analysis;
Data Insight Module (analysis on storehouses of access rights, the analysis of access to storage facilities, data obsolescence, etc.)
Extensive HTTP / HTTPs traffic control, including web-mail, social networking and other arbitrary Web services (the system records messages as HTTP (S) from a specific site-traffic);
Control of mobile devices running Android and iOS control;
The ability to track the movement of not only text documents, but also binary files (audio and video files, CAD drawings and so on.);
The ability to track the movement of data within the infrastructure, and beyond its limits;
Excellent supporting documentation.

Date: 2014
Platform: Microsoft Windows, MAC OS, Linux
Interface: British
Activation: Read.Nfo.ISO-CORE
Size: 5.28 GB

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