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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.7 Final + Rus

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.7 Final + Rus

Photoshop Lightroom - Is known among photographers program for highly digital photography.Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 delivers excellent results when working with photographs, bring you to perfection one single image, do a search among a dozen fileshandle hundreds or thousands of images sistematiziruete. Perform any task processing digital photos, because it's all available in one efficient and intuitive applications.Using Photoshop Lightroom 3 can reduce the time spent at the computer, and spend free time to work with the lens.

Lightroom combines photos into "collections" - a virtual gathering of files, which can quickly do a search.It stores information about keywords, preview and metadata for each image file, and in a centralized database (engine SQLite).Therefore, the database can be accessed at the photos, which are now in the archives on DVD.The size is significantly smaller than the Bridge, it runs faster and uses less memory.In general, Lightroom is designed exclusively to photographers who are interested in processing and cataloging of photographs, rather than integration of everything.Another feature of the package Photoshop Lightroom - division of work with images in separate stages. For each of them is a functional module with the appropriate set of tools and palettes settings.

Functional capabilities of Lightroom include not only the RAW-converter and image processing, but also a powerful system of cataloging photographs, as well as tools for creating slide showsand web pages. As in many modern RAW-converters, in Lightroom uses the principle of non-destructive editing.This means that information about all the user performing operations and settings stored in the service file, while the original image remains unchanged.This approach allows us not only to minimize the likelihood of irreparable loss of the original processed images, but also allows you to create and print many different variantsthe same image without the need to maintain an appropriate number of full-length graphic files, quickly eat up free space on the hard disk. Upon completion of the work on the snapshot, you can save the processed version in a separate graphic file.

The program has five modules:
* Загрузка, каталогизация и поиск фотографий (Library)
* Коррекция цветовых и тональных параметров изображений (Develop)
* Создание слайд-шоу (Slideshow)
* Печать (Print)
* Создание веб-страниц для публикации коллекций изображений в Интернете (Web)

New in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5:
• The latest version of one of the most popular harvesting of RAW-converters were some extremely useful features for photographers who are addicted treatment JPEG and RAW images.
• First, as discussed, is an advanced tool Healing Brush.Whereas previously you could only choose the radius of your brush and clean all kinds of point defects of the skin, it is now possible tools close getting to what he learned for Photoshoprecent years / version. Now you can make a selection of any irregular shape and then completely erase unwanted objects out of sight with a photograph.
• Another interesting tool which deserves to be told - a radial gradient (Radial Gradient).With it you can select the desired object, which wants to focus the viewer's attention and darken everything around with a soft gradient.Or vice versa, select an area and show everything that is inside. Thus, you can add the missing light sources where'd like them to be. Naturally, the most effective tool will work only with RAW-files.
• Anyway, make 100% of photos without cluttered skyline is simply impossible. And if we are using a wide-angle lens, while still distorted objects on the card will be very much.In all this, you now will rescue Upright, with it, even in automatic mode. If the results of the robot does not suit you, you can ask him to do just littered horizon correction or distortion separately.
• Smart preview (smart preview) - is the ability to view and even edit files that are on your network or simply an external drive when you are somewhere far away.If advance notice checker desired windows in the import process in the library, or after, then Lightroom saves quite a large file previews, so you can work with them on the road.And when you return to your data store, the program will automatically substitute the changes made to the original file.
• Now you can add to the slideshow, not only images, but also with the backing music video and export formats that will be read on most PCs today. Against the background of the popularity of video using modern cameras, this possibility does not seem lichshney.
• Improved profile for the creation of photo books. By itself, the process of creating a photo book in Lightroom is made very easy and fun.You choose a template that is already allocated space and cropping photos on each page and all - the book is ready. Naturally, all of this is easily edited, modified and exported to many convenient for you to specifically output formats. The new version of the program is finalized and all improved.
• In addition to the linear gradient appeared circular. It allows you to easily create effects such as vignetting. Choose a circular (or oval) area in the photo, select the desired changes, they are applied to all pictures, except for the selected area (or vice versa, only to it).

System requirements:
• Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 or 4 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor
• OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7 with Service Pack 1, Windows Vista® with Service Pack 2, Windows 8
• RAM: 2 GB
• Hard Disk: 1 GB of available hard-disk space
• Display: 1024x768 monitor resolution
• Internet connection required for Internet-based services*

Graduation Year: 2014
Operating system: Windows Vista / 7/8
Language: MULTi / English / Мультиязычный (русификатор RU_6.8_nktch)
Activation: Keymaker-CORE
Size: 982.44 MB

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