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Microsoft Office 2013 SP1 Professional Plus + Visio Pro + Project Pro / Standard 15.0.4667.1001 19.11 (2014 / RUS / ENG)

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Microsoft Office 2013 SP1 Professional Plus + Visio Pro + Project Pro / Standard 15.0.4667.1001 19.11 (2014 / RUS / ENG)

Version with updates on 19.11.2014 with English and Russian interface languages! Microsoft Office 2013 SP1 - the best software packages for document types.It is composed of the best funds for business development, as well as to achieve maximum comfort in the learning process, maintaining household finances and other things.

Whether it's business or home environment, it does not matter, of Office 2013 simply must be installed on the computer of any self-respecting user who uses the PC is not just for entertainment.Efficient and easy-to-use tools will help home users a simple and small businesses considerably increase their productivity in all their activities, ranging from e-mail, scheduling and ending the day informative reports and stunning presentations.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 SP1:
Microsoft Access 2013 SP1
Microsoft Excel 2013 SP1
Microsoft InfoPath 2013 SP1
Microsoft Lins 2013 SP1
Microsoft OneNote 2013 SP1
Microsoft Outlook 2013 SP1
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 SP1
Microsoft Publisher 2013 SP1
Microsoft SkyDrive Pro 2013 SP1
Microsoft Visio Viewer 2013 SP1
Microsoft Word 2013 SP1
Microsoft Project Professional 2013 SP1
Microsoft Visio 2013 Professional SP1

The composition of the package of Microsoft Office Standard 2013 SP1:
Microsoft Excel 2013 SP1
Microsoft Outlook 2013 SP1
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 SP1
Microsoft Word 2013 SP1
Microsoft Publisher 2013 SP1
Microsoft OneNote2013 SP1

For more information:
Microsoft Word 2013 - New version of word processor with advanced features to create documents. Word 2013 provides additional opportunities to work with documents.Insert video from the Internet, to open PDF-files and edit their content, as well as to align the images and the scheme has become much easier.The new regime has become easier to read and does not distract your attention, and works great on tablets. In addition, improved collaboration features: The direct connection to the web storage and simplified function of reviewing, in particular corrections and adding notes.
Microsoft Excel 2013 - a dynamic business tool to make the right decisions based on analysis of existing data using advanced tools and functions.In the first place stands the new look of Excel. He spared unnecessary detail but it is also designed for quick professional results.It added many features to help navigate the large amount of numbers and create a compelling image data, leading to better decisions.
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 - A powerful program to create presentations, including laptops, with enhanced navigation, supports animation, audio and video - even in high definition.Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 has a more intuitive interface, adapted to the Tablet PC and touch screen phones.Speaker mode is automatically adjusted according to the parameters of the projector, and can even be used on a single monitor. Themes now have several options to simplify the design, and when working together, you can add comments to ask a question or ask for a review.
Microsoft Outlook 2013 - e-mail client with an expanded set of new tools, support for various Web-services and social networks.When you open Outlook, it will immediately notice his new appearance. Now it concisely, that will help you focus on the main performances in the e-mail, calendars and contacts.
Microsoft Publisher 2013 - Easy to use utility for creating and building and marketing materials and publications, professional-quality printing and distribution by mail.Improved user interface, editing photographs, navigation through the document. Microsoft Publisher 2013 offers new ways to work with photos, allowing you to move them, swap and add visual alerts to their publications with new images and text effects.
Microsoft Access 2013 - an improved version of the database with improved logic programming, integration with the Business Data Catalog (BDC, Business Data Catalog), 25 quality templates.Web Access application in 2013 is a new type of database that you create in Access, and then use the app and publish SharePoint to share in the web browser.To create a Web application, you only need to select the type of data that you plan to monitor (contacts, tasks, projects, and so on. D.).Access creates the database structure with the ideas, lets you add or edit data. Navigation and basic commands are built-in, so you can immediately start using your web application.
Microsoft InfoPath 2013 - Annex creating rich dynamic forms for distribution and information management in an enterprise environment.
Microsoft OneNote 2013 - is a digital notebook that serves to store a variety of information and sharing.Opening OneNote 2013, you will immediately notice the new design, which helps to focus on the thoughts and ideas and not on the interface.Thanks to full integration with the cloud can be freed from the hard disk files, while ensuring access to notes and other data from anywhere using almost any mobile device, tablet PCs and browsers.
Microsoft Lync 2013 - is the primary client software for Lync Server, providing information about the presence, the possibility of contact management, instant messaging, conferencing, and telephony.
Microsoft SkyDrive Pro 2013 - it's your professional library for storing work documents and other files. Consider SkyDrive Pro version of its business SkyDrive.When you save files to SkyDrive Pro, they are available only to you, but at the same time you can easily afford to share them for colleagues, as well as view them on mobile devices.Your files will be stored securely in the cloud SharePoint Online or in SharePoint Server 2013 in your company, depending on the settings.
Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 - SharePoint tool for rapid application development.With SharePoint Designer, advanced users and developers can quickly create SharePoint solutions to meet the needs of the enterprise.Experienced users can create solutions without writing code for different scenarios - from shared Web sites and publications to integrate business data solutionsbusiness intelligence and workflow - using building blocks that are available in an easy to use environment of SharePoint. In addition, developers can use SharePoint Designer 2013 as a quick guide to developing applications SharePoint.
Microsoft Project Professional 2013 makes it easy to manage projects and to interact with employees from almost anywhere.Organize your time and do not lose control of their projects thanks to a single project management system created to work seamlessly with other Microsoft applications and cloud services.
Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 provides a set of new features that make creating diagrams more intuitive - including new and updated shapes and stencils, advanced effects andtheme, and feature co-authorship, which simplifies the work of the team.In addition, you can make diagrams more dynamic linking shapes to data in real-time and opening them share through a browser using Visio Services in SharePoint, even if other users have not installed Visio.

New in Microsoft Office 2013:
Opening Microsoft Office, you will immediately notice the new and fresh design. However, all of the old and familiar features have not disappeared and were supplemented by new ones, which help to work more efficiently.New Office applications can also be used on smartphones, tablet PCs and cloud environments, even on computers without a specific set of Office. Now the important files will always be available to you, wherever you are and no matter what device was used.
Using Office from any location
Install Office by using the account Microsoft.
Use Office program on another computer.
Save files to SkyDrive for easy access and sharing.
Use your personal way to set up, wherever you are.
Saving files and share them in the cloud. Cloud storage is available at any time when connected to the Internet.Now you can easily save Office files on SkyDrive or on the organization's website, where you can work with documents Word, Excel spreadsheets and other Office files and make them available to other users. You can even work on a file simultaneously with others.
Joint Meeting. Join online meeting and use the slide PowerPoint, documents Word, Excel spreadsheets and OneNote notes together. Meeting participants can view the files, even if they have not installed a set of Office.
More options started. Instead of an empty file, you can select the last file or favorite template. OneNote allows you to enter and discover the notebooks from the Internet or from a PC.
Easier saving and opening. You no longer need a long view and scroll through the dialog boxes. His most used folders, you will see at once. You can also fix the location that it was always available.
Simplified file sharing. All parameters File Sharing Office programs are collected in one place, which can be opened by selecting the File tab click Sharing.

Reasons why you should download the Office 2013:
Bringing to mind the work with the images directly in the document - edit, crop, rotate, adjust brightness and sharpness, and add visual effects, you can directly in the document without the use of third-party applications and the excess waste of time.
The implementation of their own ideas in motion - edit the document loaded in the video without leaving PowerPoint, as then add some visual effects using the new features of dynamic slide transitions and animations.
Edit from anywhere - Microsoft Office 2013 blurs the boundaries between jobs. From now on access to their documents you may have, regardless of the device used. Their documents, you can create and edit from any device with Internet access, without losing compatibility.
Store important information in one place - write down ideas, store important information and add links in one convenient location using OneNote 2013.
Easily work with e-mail - e-mail discussion became even more convenient with the advent of the new "conversation" feature in Outlook
Integrated update. You no longer have to download every time a gigabyte updates, enough time to download the package.
Simple activation. At your disposal are two simple proven ways to activate the package.

Major improvements Microsoft Office 2013 Service Pack 1:
Improved compatibility with OS Windows 8.1.
Improved compatibility with Internet Explorer 11.
Improved compatibility with the latest equipment.
It provides new opportunities for the application office and API-interface for third-party developers.
Provides application support task pane in Outlook 2013.
It provides the ability to insert and use the content of applications in 2013 PowerPoint slides.

System requirements:
Computer and processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or higher, x86- or x64-bit. CPU with SSE2 instruction set
Memory (RAM) 1 gigabyte (GB) of RAM (32-bit.); 2 gigabytes (GB) of RAM (64-bit)
HDD: 3.0 gigabytes (GB) of free space
Screen: graphics hardware acceleration requires a graphics card with support for DirectX10 and 1024 x 576
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012

Version Features:
used by:
Original images of Microsoft Office 2013 SP1 Professional Plus VL [x86, x64]
Microsoft Office 2013 original images SP1 Standard VL [x86, x64]
Official update on 19/11/2014 inclusive
Activators are provided separately
There is a selection of installed components and the installation location.
Installing the program is held in the fully visible (original) mode.
Interface languages: Russian, English
Author: - {A.L.E.X.} -

Checksums Professional:
MD5: 206C241E72AA8294077EBF222F0B68D5
SHA-1: 21C55E170ED086C39ADC72F6C67665F8A3443828

CRC32: 584AB58F
MD5: 4F162545775384CF98883980172F59D9
SHA-1: ED20E08CA2CC4AFA2D441A7D21C5287C75E8CAEB

Checksums Standard:
CRC32: 3BC61838
MD5: 92F6D1B37A560AA05BC014A074427D98
SHA-1: 716BAABE85DA2945933417696583D702E3E12C55

CRC32: 4A90D8E4
MD5: C1D1F70F7C2F04F46CF1F30CFD777DE1
SHA-1: AA46B92472F172C4AEE3B2BCD3C985FDDC55582E

Graduation Year: 2014
Developer: Microsoft
Language: Multilingual / English
Treatment: Included
Size: 2.39 GB | 2.62 GB | 1.58 GB | 1.71 GB

Microsoft Office 2013 SP1 Professional Plus + Visio Pro + Project Pro / Standard 15.0.4667.1001 19.11 (2014 / RUS / ENG)

Microsoft Office 2013 SP1 Professional Plus + Visio Pro + Project Pro / Standard 15.0.4667.1001 19.11 (2014 / RUS / ENG)

Microsoft Office 2013 SP1 Professional Plus + Visio Pro + Project Pro / Standard 15.0.4667.1001 19.11 (2014 / RUS / ENG)

Microsoft Office 2013 SP1 Professional Plus + Visio Pro + Project Pro / Standard 15.0.4667.1001 19.11 (2014 / RUS / ENG)

Microsoft Office 2013 SP1 Professional Plus + Visio Pro + Project Pro / Standard 15.0.4667.1001 19.11 (2014 / RUS / ENG)

Microsoft Office 2013 SP1 Professional Plus + Visio Pro + Project Pro / Standard 15.0.4667.1001 19.11 (2014 / RUS / ENG)

Download Microsoft Office 2013 SP1 Professional Plus + Visio Pro + Project Pro / Standard 15.0.4667.1001 19.11 (2014 / RUS / ENG)