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Acronis 2k10 UltraPack CD / USB / HDD 5.9.0

Category: Software | Posted: 18/10/2015, 4:25 | Downloads: 503
Acronis 2k10 UltraPack CD / USB / HDD 5.9.0

Acronis 2k10 UltraPack CD / USB / HDD 5.9.0 - A new boot disk from conty9 / Viktor Kisel in iso format, which is based on bootloaders BOOTMGR (Windows 8.1.1), Isolinux / Syslinux v.4.06 and Grub4Dos v.0.4.5c.The disc consists of a large number of Acronis products, the Paragon, etc., to download vozmozhnost c CD, USB Flash Drive, USB-HDD and conventional HDD.The main purpose - HDD preparing to install the OS, creation / deployment system images, restore / copy data. This CD edition in UltraPack is a set of DOS and Linux-based versions of assembly products, "Multiboot 2k10", adapted to the CD-ROM sizes.

List programs in assembly
USB-driver PLOP v.5.0.11
Linux-version of Acronis DDS v.10.2169 (rus)
Linux-version of Acronis DDH v.12.0.3223 (rus)
Linux-version of Acronis TIES v.9.7.8398 (rus)
Linux-version of Acronis TI Premium 2014 v.17.0.6673 (rus)
Linux-version of Acronis B & R Advanced v.11.5.39029 (rus)
Linux-version of Acronis Align Tool for WD / Hitachi v.2.0.154 (eng)
Linux-version of Paragon HDM 12 v. (rus)
Linux-version of Paragon HDM 15 v. (rus)
Linux-version of MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition v.8.1.1 (eng)
Linux-version of R-Drive Image v.5.2.5208 (eng / rus)
Linux-version of TeraByte Image for Linux v.2.90 (eng)
DOS-version of Acronis DDS v.10.2169 (rus)
DOS-version of Acronis TIES v.9.7.8398 (rus)
DOS-version Paragon HDM 15 v. (rus)
DOS-version Hiren's Boot CD 15.2 (rus)
Big set of different DOS-utilities.

Product description:
Acronis Disk Director Suite - An integrated software package that includes administrator sections and tools Download Manager
editing entries on the hard disk.
Acronis Disk Director 11 Home - This is the most functional product for managing disks.If you need the maximum disk performance and data security, this package offers the best tools for creating, resizing, moving and combining partitions without losingdata. Acronis Disk Director 11 Home offers powerful new features - support for Windows® 7 support for dynamic and GPT-disk volume distribution across multiple disks and much more.
Acronis True Image Echo Enterprise Server - A comprehensive solution of problems of centralized backup, storage and recovery of data on servers that are part of the corporate computer network.
Acronis True Image Home - A reliable solution for complete backup and restore data on workstations.The product allows you to create exact disk images of a working computer that will provide the most complete data protection.Backup disk image is a file that includes absolutely all data, including boot records, operating system, applications, data files, photos and movies, e-mail updates and configuration, and any other data on the disc.
Acronis Backup & Recovery - Application for backup and disaster recovery of servers and laptops running Windows across physical and virtual environments. It is a next generation family of Acronis True Image is a powerful tool for the protection of servers.
Acronis Snap Deploy - A program that creates a complete disk image of the chosen standard configuration, including operating system, configuration files and applications.It then simultaneously deploy that image to multiple systems, making it an ideal solution for quick installation on the "bare metal" for servers and PCs.
MiniTool Partition Wizard - Manager to manage hard disk partitions. Utilities downloads on, you can resize the partition, create a new partition on your hard drive, delete and format the existing partitions. It can work not only with single hard drives, but also drives combined into a RAID-arrays.
Paragon Hard Disk Manager - Multifunctional and user-friendly solution, the full cycle of service hard disk.With this program you can manage the download process, make disk partitioning, performed backup and recovery operations, to ensure the security of the system anddata output from the operation of the drive. The program is a convenient and practical tool for working with hard drives and archiving for users of all skill levels. It is equally well can save data as a personal user and enterprise.
Paragon Home Expert - Functional utility software package designed to allow virtually all of the major problems that can confront the owner of the computer.Paragon Features include all aspects of the life cycle of a computer to perform all kinds of operations with sections to install the system from scratch and providing reliable data protection and safe disposal of hard drives.
R-Studio Emergency run from diskettes, CD / DVD or removable drive when you need to restore data from a computer that does not load Windows due to corrupted or system files.
R-Drive Image It is an effective tool for creating disk image files and data backup.A disk image file contains the exact, "byte to byte" copy of a hard drive, partition or logical disk and can be created without rebooting the computer and with different levels of data compression.These drive image files can be stored in a variety of places, including removable media such as CD-R (W) / DVD, Iomega Zip or Jazz disks.R-Drive Image - this is one of the best backup and restore data to prevent catastrophic losses after a fatal system failure or hardware.
TeraByte Image - Is a program that is designed to back up the file system disk. The backup can be removed from any hard drive, including network drives.The program has direct access to the FAT, FAT32, NTFS, as well as USB2, IEEE1394, ATAPI or ASPI (discs CD-R / RW or DVD + RW / + R / -R / -RW).
Hiren's BootCD - Stunningly competently and professionally assembled, the most popular boot "all-in-one" disc, literally everyone, including administrators and administrators for the repair work on the computer.

System requirements:
Kompyuter with 128Mb RAM or higher, CD / DVD drive or a USB interface.

version 5.9.0
Changes: Updated software assembly unit.

Checksums iso-image:
CRC32: 5A712773
MD5: 2516BC1138A407D03B6890C7D77E169D
SHA-1: 540EE69BD0B9ED569D3A3F7696E1F7D72877358D
Acronis 2k10 UltraPack CD / USB / HDD 5.9.0

Acronis 2k10 UltraPack CD / USB / HDD 5.9.0

Graduation Year: 2014
Developer: conty9 / Viktor Kisel
Platform: PC (Windows / Linux / DOS)
Language: Multilingual / English
Activation: Not required (Sew)
Size: 699.66 MB

Download: Acronis 2k10 UltraPack CD / USB / HDD 5.9.0