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Lucion FileConvert Professional Plus Final

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Lucion FileConvert Professional Plus Final

FileCenter — easy to use program for scanning, archiving, organizing and searching computer files. This program brings together in a single interface greater functionality for file management, scanning, OCR-recognition, convert files into PDF documents and view them in the built-in viewer PDF files. With the help of this program you can organize the files in "file cabinets, to preview files without having to open them, performed a full-text search desktop and network computers, encrypt or completely destroy any files, send files by e-mail as a PDF, archive email in Outlook into a separate file and much more.

FileConvert tool to convert different files into PDF documents in batch mode. With this program you can convert existing files, such as: scans documents, faxes, and Word documents to PDF formats with the option of a text search. The program will watch for new scans from a network scanner or scan existing files into PDF.

To do this you need to create a new job, in which you specify the path to the folder coming from the scanner images in TIFF, specify a folder to save the converted files, period time, after which the program should check the outbound folder for new scans (you can set manual check) all. FileConvert was designed specifically for small offices, which is not allocated for such tasks it staff.

Key features:
• Scan to PDF document in one click
• Create PDF files with text search function by OCR
• Scan directly to a word processor
• Combining PDF files using Drag and Drop operations
• Cutting the documents without having to open them
• Move pages between PDF files
• Convert any file to PDF
• Automatic separation and preservation of scans
• Organization of files in "file cabinets"
• Save files directly to FileCenter
• Preview files without having to open them
• Full-text search of files on your computer
• Encryption and secure file deletion
• Send files by email as a PDF
• Backing up Outlook mail into a separate file

Main features:
• Scan to searchable PDF in a click
• Make files searchable with OCR
• Scan directly to a word processor
• Combine PDFs with drag-and-drop
• Split PDFs without opening them
• Move pages between PDF files
• Convert almost any file to PDF
• Auto-separate & save scans
• Organize files into file cabinets
• Save files directly to FileCenter
• Preview files without opening them
• Find files with full-text search
• Encrypt or securely shred any file
• E-mail files as PDF
• Archive Outlook e-mail to file
• Organize files by Outlook contact

Batch PDF Conversion Features:
• Watch for incoming files
• Convert existing files to PDF
• Make files searchable & indexable
• Make use of your network scanner
• Auto-separate & save files
• Use simple wizards for setup
• Schedule heavy jobs after-hours

Profile of a FileConvert User:
• Wants or needs a paperless office
• Has a network scanner
• Has boxes full of paper to archive
• Has many unsearchable scans
• Wants to delay OCR until off-hours
• Wants automatic file separation
• Needs easy setup with wizards

Graduation Year : 2014
Activation: Included (keygen FFF)
Operating system : Windows® XP | Vista | 7 | 8 & 8.1
Program page:
Interface language : english
Size: 39 Mb