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The Foundry Nuke Studio 9.0v1

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The Foundry Nuke Studio 9.0v1

The Foundry Nuke - a powerful package for compositing, which provides users higher speed and a set of first-class functions, unmatched in the desktop market. If you are building a high-quality digital images, Nuke is just for you, the solution is a proven production tool for creating visual effects that will add speed, functionality and flexibility to your VFX pipeline.

Nuke solves real problems faced by post-production studios and artists visual effects artists around the world. Function, which is provided with NukeX, raise the solution to a completely different level. NukeX has all the basic features of Nuke, as well as the functionality of this version is expanded integrated module tracking the 3D camera, generator depth of field, automatic correction of lens distortions and FurnaceCore, the core technology Furnace.

Package Nuke began his procession as a program for compositing and effects Studio Digital Domain, created by a team of talented engineers and visual effects artists. The application The Foundry Nuke remains committed to the original concept of developing a compositing application designed by artists for artists.

Received the film Academy award for technical achievement, it was used in creating effects in various feature films, commercials and music videos. The package provides high performance based 64 channel TCL architecture combined with a broad Arsenal of tools, unprecedented for a class of desktop systems.

The program has the ability to create scripts in Python, introduced support for stereoscopic process with the ability to read and write about 1000 channels in one stream, and the program provides broad support for EXR images. The program is currently one of the most popular packages compositing in Russian and foreign post-production.

• Work in a 3D environment. Three-dimensional workspace Nuke supports the import of objects format OBJ, projection (projection mapping), import of 3D cameras and more.
• 64-channel OpenEXR flow of work. Nuke fully supports EXR: reading, processing and record up to 64 channels of EXR data.
• Prokeivanie. New kuijer based on image (image based keyer - IBK) gives an opportunity to control colors in a new way, namely, individual work with each color channel. Thus was made possible the most fine tuning.
• Customizable interface. Saving configurations, interface customization and enhancement tools, such as buttons "bullseye" and "input", as well as TCL label sites much easier to navigate lengthy scripts.
• Performance. Even when processing high-resolution material on modest hardware with 32-bit floating point multi-threaded scan-line architecture provides a quick response. When it comes to rendering, Nuke safely be called a leader in its class.
• Openness. Nuke supports the principle of maximum open architecture. Both scripts and user interface based on the scripting language TCL, allows you to customize a package in countless ways. Moreover, the kit includes the SDK.
• Plugins. All plugins OpenFX (OFX) from The Foundry is fully compatible with Nuke. Also, at the moment supported by kuijer Keylight, Tinder and Furnace collections in OFX format.

Date: 2014
Platform: Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 8 64-bit
Interface: British
Activation: Crack-XFORCE
Size: 464,72 MB

Download: The Foundry Nuke Studio 9.0v1