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Hee - SoftPack v.3.13.1 (Updates on 15/11/2014)

Category: Software | Posted: 19/10/2015, 3:51 | Downloads: 497
Hee - SoftPack v.3.13.1 (Updates on 15/11/2014)

Hee-SoftPack v.3 - a hybrid collection of programs and programs for daily updates of installed software. Suitable for use on a home computer / laptop, as well as at work. The program has an extensive, continuously expanding catalog of programs affecting all spheres of activity.

A good tool for timely software updates:
• A distinctive feature of the program is that it can be used daily as a "obnovlyalschika" installed software.
The program monitors the release of new versions and informs the user about the availability of an update for any program.
• All updates, you can manually download and can adjust automatically download and install updates.
• When loading programs, Hee-SoftPack takes into account the features of your operating system (32-bit or 64), so only loads compatible files. The program stores the settings in the registry, which allows the use of the program from a flash card, customize it for each individual PC.
• Those who are more convenient to store the program files on the flash drive in the same folder, like auto-update function of the folder contents. You can save a set of programs in one or more folders, and after a while to update the contents in "one click".
• useful is the fact that the program provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the list of recent changes in this or that program. For this purpose the page "What's New" in the description of the program. Daily start up of the program will allow you to have only fresh programs.

Convenient collection program with the possibility of customization:
• All the downloaded software with the program you can easily record on a flash drive (or disk), and use it as a collection.

• To create a personal collection of enough:
1. Download all interested software.
2. Remove from the list is not the dates of your program (make individual settings).
3. Record Hee-SoftPack on a disk or flash drive.
4. Done!

• You can also create your own skin for your collection.

Compared with other collectors:
1. Hee-SoftPack startup always tell when updates are available.
2. Collected written to the flash drive can be dynamically updated. Those. You can update the directory database and to download new versions of software directly on the USB flash drive / disk.
3. The ability to download updates on a daily basis for the program.
4. You choose only the software that is needed for you. And nothing more.

Summary of Hee-SoftPack:
1. The program can be used not only at home but also at work. As part of the catalog includes licensed versions of the software. And home users can take advantage of "medicine."In this regard, it is a great help with everything from ordinary users and ending with system administrators.
2. The program will inform about new releases.
3. Flexible settings to automatically download and install updates.
4. Ability to update downloading of any software to get acquainted with spisokm "What's New".
5. The ability to program individual settings for each PC (using a USB drive).
6. No less important is the fact that you have the right to choose what software is needed for you.In other collections has a fixed set of programs, the total volume reaches 10 GB (or even more). Though you and need only a quarter, you still have to download anything.With Hee-SoftPack everything else - You choose what kind of software you need, before you download it. Thus, you save your time and traffic.
7. When working with the software, Hee-SoftPack takes into account the features of your operating system, including the capacity (32 or 64 bit). So you can be sure that the installed software is compatible with your OS.
8. Another important feature is that Hee-SoftPack provides a set of tools for creating your own custom programs. With them, you can all your desired software to gather in one collection and adjust it for themselves.
9. The ability to dynamically update the recorded on a flash card collection.
10. The program supports both quiet (automatic) installation, and independent (manual).
11. And finally, we can say that Hee-SoftPack'u have something to occupy your leisure time between installation and upgrade programs. After all, the program has a news module, where you can read the latest news from the world of games, technology, the Internet and software. Thus, combine business with pleasure.

Availability of flexible configuration and support for skins makes use Hee-SoftPack more comfortable and interesting. No matter what tasks you start using Hee-SoftPack'om - we can say with confidence that it will be useful to you.

Installation Instructions:
1. Unpack Hee-SoftPack. (Preferably where there is more space);
2. When you start to open "Updates" tab, which will display a list of programs that can be updated.
3. By clicking on the names, select the programs that you want to download and install.
4. Click the "Upload selected" and "Install Selected" after downloading.
5. If desired, use the "medicine" of the set (on some set password "hsp")
6. If you wish to take advantage of russifiers Kit (installed automatically when you install the software, if you make the appropriate settings in the program)

All the downloaded software, together with the shell can be stored on a disc or a USB flash drive and use it as a collection.
The program monitors the release of new versions, so it will be useful to run it every day, to timely learn about available updates.

Note that the set includes localizations and "medicine." Some of the "medicine", for obvious reasons, anti-virus software can take over the whole virus necessary software you download from Hee-SoftPack. So you have the ability to download only the necessary.

System requirements:
• OS: Windows XP (SP2 x64 / SP3) - Windows 7/8 / 8.1 (x86 / x64)
• Processor: Intel Pentium 4 (1.7GHz)
• RAM: 256 MB
• For video news block requires Adobe Flash Player (for IE).

Date of issue: October 15, 2014
Title: Hee-SoftPack v.3.13.1 (Updates on 15/11/2014)
Version: v.3.13.1
Developer: HeeByte
Resolution: x86 / x64
Language: Multilingual
Activation: Not required (Sew)
Size: 153 MB

Hee - SoftPack v.3.13.1 (Updates on 15/11/2014)

Hee - SoftPack v.3.13.1 (Updates on 15/11/2014)

Hee - SoftPack v.3.13.1 (Updates on 15/11/2014)

Hee - SoftPack v.3.13.1 (Updates on 15/11/2014)

Hee - SoftPack v.3.13.1 (Updates on 15/11/2014)

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