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Remote Utilities (Viewer + Host)

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Remote Utilities (Viewer + Host)

Remote Utilities - This popular tool allows you to organize fast and secure access to remote computers that are members of a domain Windows.Product Remote Utilities is designed to address a wide range of tasks associated with the administration and the provision of technical support.When connected to the client system IT-specialist can not only learn the contents of the screen, but also to capture control of the mouse and keyboard and interact with a remote computer as if he personally was in front of his screen.

The application can be run on the client machine as a service, and offers a dozen different ways to connect to remote computers.Special mention deserves the close integration of Remote Utilities directory service Active Directory, support appropriate mechanisms for user authentication and remoteproduct deployment on multiple workstations.Corporate IT-specialists will be able to deploy the product throughout a corporate network using built-in tools and the installation of the product MSI Configurator. You can create multiple installation packages with different sets of parameters.

Список усовершенствований, реализованных в версии Remote Utilities, включает в себя поддержку удаленной печати. Новый журнал Event/Connection Log, доступный на панели Viewer, поможет быстро выявить причину проблем с подключением. А функция «RDP over ID», позволит устанавливать соединение по протоколу RDP с использованием специального идентификатора Remote Utilities. При подключении в режиме «Power Control» в распоряжении специалистов окажется дополнительная опция «Перезагрузка в безопасном режиме с поддержкой сети».And users who are familiar with previous versions of the product will also note redesigned user interface module «Viewer», allowing to work more productively.

Основные возможности Remote Utilities:
• Полное управление удаленным рабочим столом (клавиатура, мышь)
• Работа в режиме скрытого просмотра
• Передача файлов и папок через удобный файловый менеджер
• Отправка команд управления питанием компьютера
• Запуск и управление "Диспетчером задач Windows"
• Доступ к командой строке
• Программный контроль за аппаратной конфигурацией компьютера
• Чат и отправка мгновенных сообщений

Доступные режимы соединения:
• Управление и наблюдение
• Файловый менеджер
• Текстовый чат
• Управление питанием
• Task Manager
• Соединение по протоколу RDP
• Device Manager
• Подключение к командной строке
• Запись экрана по расписанию
• Простое текстовое сообщение
• Support for multiple monitors
• Удаленная установка
• Wake-On-Lan
• Удаленный реестр. Новинка!
• Функция «Выполнить»
• Подключение к web-камере. Новинка!

Main Features:
• High performance both in local area networks and in low bandwidth networks.
• File transfer, a remote task manager, Wake On LAN and much more.
• Remote installation. It is easy to install RUT throughout the entire local area network without leaving your computer.
• Configuring the program to run in case of a complicated network topology due to such features as "Connect Via" and "Callback Connection".
• Multilingual interface.
• Security. All data is encrypted with the help of up-to-date technologies and public key protocols (RSA with a 2048-bit public key and AES with a 256-bit session key).

Remote Administration:
• 15 connection modes — Full control, File transfer, Task manager, Terminal etc.
• Unattended and attended access — 24/7 and on-demand access to remote PCs
• Direct connectivity — Connect using an IP address without a third-party server
• Internet connectivity — Connect to a PC located behind a firewall or a router
• Multiple monitors support — Switch between remote monitors on-the-fly

Active Directory Integration:
• Seamless integration — Browse AD tree within the program in real time
• Leverage existing credentials — Access remote PCs using AD users and groups
• Multiple domains — Add new domain controllers to access multiple domains
• Network scanning — Scan your network to find where RU is already installed
• Easy deployment — Use AD group policies to install the program across the network

MSI Configuration:
• MSI configurator — Pre-configure the RU installer file before the deployment
• 3 configuration options — standard MSI file, one-click installer and ad hoc agent
• Remote Install — Built-in tool to install and upgrade RU on all your remote PCs
• Customization — Customize the Agent module with your logo and welcome text
• No extra charge — the MSI package is available for all users at no cost

What's New in Remote Utilities 5.6:
• Added: Free license for business use for 10 remote PCs.

Remote Utilities (Viewer + Host)

Remote Utilities (Viewer + Host)

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