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Incomedia WebSite X5 Evolution & Professional

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Incomedia WebSite X5 Evolution & Professional

Incomedia WebSite X5 - A program to create websites, a few steps you can create and publish professional web sites and online shops.Does not require knowledge of programming, it has more than 1000 templates ready web sites, easy to use, compared to other programs in the visual saitostroitel'stva.Sites created in this program are compatible with most Internet browsers, can be viewed from mobile phones and indexed by search engines.

Программой могут пользоваться пользователи, которым нужно простое и быстрое создание собственного веб-сайта или веб-галереи. Бизнесмены могут использовать данную программу для профессионального создания корпоративных веб-сайтов или онлайн-магазинов.This program has no restrictions on the number of generated pages and Web sites.Includes editor to create e-mail forms, built-in image editor, an editor to create three-dimensional buttons, FTP-engine ready for publishing sites on the Internet, a tool for creating RSS-feeds and much more.

• Бесконечное количество проектов
• Бесконечное количество уровней и страниц
• 1500 графических шаблонов
• Создание пользовательских шаблонов с нуля
• Добавляйте текст, изображение, видео, аудио, Flash-анимацию, галереи, формы электронных писем, списки продуктов, HTML-код и элементы интерфейса
• Встроенная поисковая машина
• Задавайте меню, стили и модели
• Интернет-магазины с управлением кредитной картой
• Блоги с аудио- и видеоподкастами
• Новости и RSS-ленты
• Управление доступом и пользовательскими зонами
• Management of advertising
• Multilingual Websites
• FTP-движок с поддержкой защищенных соединений

The program WebSite X5 offers professional web tools:
• Online store with payment by credit card
• Scaling and panoramic view
• Blog with audio podcasts and video podcasts
• Image Galleries and Videos
• Built-in search engine for the site
• The user area (access by login and password)
• Forms of e-mail anti-spam filters
• Management of advertising
• News and RSS-feed
• Multilingual Websites

Complete solution ("all in one"):
• Editor for template customization
• More than 1,500 professional templates
• Graphics editor
• 6000 exclusive images for free use
• Automatically create a site map and menus
• Libraries buttons and graphics
• FTP-program to host the site on the Internet
• Бюджеты и HTML-код

All the way from the idea to the finished site is divided in the program on five basic steps:
1. Общие настройки.After selecting a project and add general information about the site (such as a description and keywords for search engine indexing site) you can go to the selection of a template for the site.The user can either select any of the 1,500 built-in templates or create your own. Apart from the main style template, you can customize the header and footer of the site.
2. Создание карты сайта. Программа автоматически добавляет домашнюю страницу, однако все остальные страницы должны быть добавлены вручную.First, you need to consider what information and how must be presented on the site, then you can begin to create a site map.Sitemap can have an unlimited number of levels and pages. Based on this "map" the program will automatically create a menu to navigate the site. Site map at any time to update.
3. Создание страницы.The process of creating a page of the site is simple and consists in dragging in the table cell of the page layout of existing facilities, such as "text", "Image», «Flash-animation", "Videotape""Audio", "table", "Image Gallery", "form of e-mails", "List of Products" and «HTML-code and Widgets."Each object can be customized; You can also insert links to internal or external materials. The program has a built-in image editor, so when preparing images for placement on the site you can do without external graphics programs.
4. Продвинутые настройки. После того, как сайт в основном готов, можно настроить оформление меню, текста, электронных витрин и электронных писем.Built-in image editor allows you to create a "three-dimensional" buttons that change when you hover the mouse over them.In addition to setting the page style, you can use a variety of additional features, for example, to add a welcome page in multiple languages ​​with the soundtrack, custom sections, blog and online store.
5. Экспорт. Готовый сайт можно разместить в интернете при помощи встроенной FTP-программы.The program WebSite X5 supports encrypted connections; You can save time by working in multi-session mode, and uploaded to the server only those files that have changed since the last timeexports. In addition to the download site on the hosting server, you can also export the project site as a file on the same computer where the project was created, or to another computer to get backup.

Released: 2014
Platform: Windows 9x, NT, CE, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32 и 64-bit)
Language: Multi / Multi
Tablet: keygen-CRD
Size: 290,90 Мб / 291,81 Мб

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