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Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate Update 12.0.31101.00 4 Final (2014/RUS)

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Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate Update 12.0.31101.00 4 Final (2014/RUS)

Visual Studio 2013 is an advanced development solution that empowers teams of all sizes to design and create, and modernize scalable applications for different devices and services. Solution for simplified software development allows all project participants to create high quality software for mission-critical functions for the company.

Give your team (including employees of the operating divisions and authorized stakeholders) the ability to continuously adapt to changes in a shortened development cycles, and creating consumer solutions and business applications that exceed customers ' expectations.

Features Visual Studio:
• Testing tools. Visual Studio 2013 includes standard testing tools to ensure high code quality.Take advantage of coded UI tests, which allow to automate the testing of user interfaces in web applications and Windows-based applications, as well as unit testing, code coverage and analysis of the impact test.
• Development of databases. Database development requires the same care and attention as application development. Visual Studio 2013 includes tools for deployment and change management that allow for continuous synchronization of databases and applications.
• Debugging and diagnostics. Code analysis tools allow you to avoid common programming errors before you run applications in production. Configure code analysis in Visual Studio 2013 is very simple thanks to the rulesets that are designed for specific scenarios or critical sections of code. In addition, the metrics provide code simplicity and maintainability of the created software code.
• Integrated development environment. Visual Studio 2013 provides a complete set of tools for managing digital workplace.The system includes customizable features such as support for multiple monitors, which allows the most convenient to organize the work. You can unleash your creativity with the help of visual designers, designed for the latest platforms, including Windows 7.
• Support development platform. Using Visual Studio 2013, you will be able to realize their ideas in a wide range of platforms, including Windows, Windows Server, Office, SharePoint, web environment, cloudy Wednesday, and many others, with a single integrated development environment.
• Manage application lifecycle (ALM). Creating a successful application includes a clear and uninterrupted process, convenient for all team members. Built-in tools to manage application lifecycle in Visual Studio 2013, enable effective communication and collaboration at all stages, as well as a visual representation of the status of the project, simplifying the creation of cost effective high quality solutions.
• Team Foundation Server. Team Foundation Server (TFS) is the collaboration platform based on Microsoft solutions for lifecycle management applications.TFS automates and streamlines the process of release of the software.In addition, it provides monitoring of all phases of the project and submission of the state in real time for all the participants of the working group through effective reporting tools and dashboards.

Key features Visual Studio 2013:
• Fundamental changes in the way people use devices and services has necessitated a new approach to industry policy development. Clients, customers and employees require next-generation applications. They need applications that provide maximum usability across multiple devices and types of displays, as well as continuously available service to work with the right data security and continuous development.
• Visual Studio 2013 based on the benefits provided in Visual Studio 2013 and subsequent updates of Visual Studio, provides a solution required the development teams for effective use of this transform, develop and deliver new modern applications that have implemented a new wave of innovation platforms Windows (Windows 8.1) and support devices and services on all platforms Microsoft.
The following are just some features of this release, including innovative features that increase developer productivity, support the development of Windows 8 apps.1, advances in the field of web development, debugging and optimization of managed / unmanaged code, and expanded ALM capabilities.
• Visual Studio 2013 includes many user interface enhancements implemented in customer reviews and to reflect the basic design principle of Microsoft: the main thing is the content, allowing to provide a more comfortable user experience. You may have noticed, more than 400 modified icons, more bright, contrast, differ substantially from each other, modified home page and other changes in the design of Visual Studio.
• Visual Studio 2013 contains several improvements that will help you be more productive and stay focused when coding. Some features were first introduced as an experimental extension in the Visual Studio Power Tools, and then underwent revision and were implemented in Visual Studio. Features increase productivity, such as automatically adding closing brackets, the ability to move lines or blocks of code with keyboard shortcuts and navigation integrated into the solution. In addition, Visual Studio 2013 includes a new Team Explorer with an enhanced home page that facilitates navigation functions for cooperative work groups, including provides the ability to detach sections of the "Pending changes" and "Build" in a separate window.
• When working with large code files it is sometimes difficult to track your location. In Visual Studio 2013 you can easily switch between the two modes of the scroll bar. In panel mode, you can view annotations, for example the position of the carriage to change the location and directly to track errors. In map mode, the scroll bar represents a region of dynamic browsing of the source code, and when you hover over a code — allows you to view it in more detail in a tooltip. You can then click the exact location of code and jump to it.
• The most important thing during development is to understand how this or that line of code. The command "go to definition" now includes a new feature "Review determination". Thanks to the "Review of the definition of" no longer need to leave the line of code to view a read-only definition in an inline view. Now the inline view, you can simply disable without losing context, or open it as an editable view in a full window.
• To understand how this or that line of code is not all that is required from the developer. It is also necessary to understand the history of the code, to identify the authors, to find the code that refers to these elements of the code, and more. This is especially difficult in project-oriented teamwork. CodeLens system (indicators details about the code) in Visual Studio 2013 uses information from the project metadata and Team Foundation Server 2013 for placement of design elements on each of the methods in the code, which provide the following information: what changesets led to the creation or recent change in code, who last worked with the code, what unit tests cover the appropriate method (including the results of the last tests) and what are the references to the code. In addition, you can quickly Refine the data, such as an associated changeset or a file with the code referenced — with just one click.
• In Visual Studio 2013 for the first time possible work is linked in the IDE, so you will be able to start productive operation in Visual Studio 2013. When you first launch Visual Studio 2013 you will be prompted to sign in with your Microsoft account, which you already may have used with their subscriptions, MSDN, and Team Foundation Service. After logging in your instance of Visual Studio 2013 will be registered for further use. No additional action is required. Visual Studio 2013 automatically synchronizes the settings between your devices, using the capabilities of interrelated work in the IDE. Synchronized settings include categories such as keyboard shortcuts, Visual Studio appearance (theme, fonts, etc.) and much more. Thus through the use of options synchronized settings you have complete control over the situation.
• Visual Studio 2013 provides the ideal toolset for building modern applications using the latest generation of innovation platforms Windows (Windows 8.1) and provide support for devices and services on all platforms Microsoft. Development of Windows Store apps in Windows 8.1 supported numerous updates to tools, controls and templates, enhanced support for coded UI test applications in XAML analyzer speed of response of the user interface and the shaper energy consumption for XAML and HTML apps, enhanced tools for memory profiling for HTML apps and improved integration with the Windows Store.
Blend for XAML has been improved considerably by the addition of new functionalities to develop Windows Store apps, such as the addition of rulers and custom guides for more precise placement of content and expansion options stylistic. In Blend for HTML has these enhancements and new capabilities for building Windows Store apps with HTML, such as the new timeline animation for making changes in CSS.
• In Visual Studio 2013 code generation of Windows Store apps has become much more convenient. In the XAML editor, implemented improvements to the IntelliSense system, which is now also available for data binding, templates, and resources. In addition, the editor provides a more convenient transition between design markup and code-behind, as well as support search references, go to definition, and switching to the model view. Among other improvements this allows you to create a Windows Store app less effort.
Connect Windows Store apps has been simplified by adding mobile services Windows Azure Mobile Services that allows you to use the app in a variety of scenarios, for example to enable push notifications, store and process data in the cloud.
• Create web sites or services on the Microsoft platform opens opportunities to use ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, web services API, etc. In the past, the use of these tools in Visual Studio meant working with different types of projects and applying these tools within the framework of specific projects. Vision One ASP.NET delivers a more consistent experience with web projects in Visual Studio 2013, because it allows you to create web applications ASP.NET using the user-selected component structures ASP.NET in one project. This new unified approach allows you to easily build hybrid applications with improved versions ASP.NET WebForms, MVC or Web API in a single project. Now working on web projects, you can use your own range of tools, which greatly increases the flexibility and productivity of development for the Internet.
• In the process of creating web pages or applications third-party application to your projects a significant portion of time is spent on correcting the HTML and CSS code and infinite page refresh of browser in try to realize the plan in the development. The situation is complicated by the fact that browsing the website, users can use different web browsers. In Visual Studio 2013 the problem of endless transitions resolved browser link connects Visual Studio to one or more modern browsers in an interactive development process. As a result of changes in the layout are synchronized, and the need to update the browser manually to see the changes disappears.
• C using Visual Studio 2013 you can build modern business applications that extend the functionality of Office 365, and to manage them. These apps help users interact with business processes, artifacts, and other systems. Cloud business Office 365 applications run in the cloud, using the wide possibilities of the Windows Azure platform and Office 365 resources. These cloud applications are available to aggregate data and services in the enterprise and beyond, and to integrate users and their social network profiles on thousands devices. These applications are integrated with management application lifecycle with Visual Studio, uniting the world of developers of business applications with the it operations.
• TypeScript in Visual Studio 2013 helps to create large-scale javascript applications and reliable components with integrated capabilities of static verification, level navigation symbols, operators and refactor the code. TypeScript is a programming language that provides support for classes, modules and interfaces, which compile to javascript. • TypeScript runs in any browser Node.js and any other medium that is compatible with ES3. You can use existing javascript code to embed popular javascript library and integrate with new and existing applications ASP.NET.
New the performance and diagnostic hub in Visual Studio 2013 provides a single environment to work with numerous tools available in Visual Studio. This center simplifies the search for productivity tools and diagnostics that are compatible with your project, and allows you to quickly start using it for the purpose of improving the quality of the application.
• The analyzer dump file in Visual Studio 2013 makes it easier to troubleshoot memory issues in production environments, analyzing dumps heap memory .NET directly from Visual Studio. A new analysis function allows the memory to eliminate memory leaks and solve the problem of inefficient use of memory by controlling the size and quantitative characteristics of the largest instances of objects and their use of memory. You can also compare two memory dump to see how the memory usage over time.
• When debugging 64-bit applications .NET 4.5.1 in Visual Studio 2013 you can now work in the "Edit and continue" in the same way as in the case of managed 32-bit applications. In addition, Visual Studio 2013 asynchronous debugging is improved with Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++, and javascript. If you are running Windows 8.1 the call-stack window now includes the logical call stack in case of hitting a breakpoint or exception when using asynchronous method. In addition to support diagnosis in .NET 4.5.1 implemented other improvements, such as support for compression of large objects heap GC on demand and faster startup of apps when running on multicore machines.
• In Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 provides diagnosing errors and performance issues in apps monitored by using System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager. You can import exception and performance events as IntelliTrace log (.iTrace), and then using IntelliTrace in Visual Studio to run the bypass code execution for those events.
Thanks to the functions that provide additional support for C++11, such as delegating constructors, raw string literals, explicit conversion operators and templates with variables number of arguments along with the usual debug code in Visual Studio 2013, working with C++ even easier. The ability to filter the call stack to the level created by the user code during debugging has long been implemented for managed languages. Now the same can be said about C++.
• Profile guided optimization (PGO) is a compiler optimization in Visual C++ runtime by using profile data collected while performing important user-defined scripts or custom scripts that have a big impact on performance, with the aim of building an optimized version of the application. Profiling tools in Visual Studio 2013 allow you to analyze the decisions taken by profile-guided optimization and to assess whether the profile data correspond to actual performance. The system shows how the more "hot" profiled code paths (common user scenarios) and more "cold" profiled code paths (less common user scenarios) application correspond to what code was changed in the PGO and how (size or speed).
• In Visual Studio 2013 includes a number of new management features application lifecycle (ALM), which helps your team your organization to operate more productively and interact with each other, taking advantage of enhanced support for the agile development principles that can be implemented gradually in accordance with the needs of your organization. Features such as agile portfolio management, rooms and working groups, the web tools code comments on changesets and commits and improvements in the management of test web cases have become an integral part of the solution, making working groups, your organization can communicate more effectively and improve their productivity.
• On the basis of the capabilities of the management application lifecycle with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server is that you can install on a local server, or Team Foundation Service, hosted in the cloud. You can choose the option that best fits the needs of your team: more control and the ability to customize local installations, or the availability of the system in the cloud and the lack of care associated with the maintenance of the system.
• Flexible portfolio management allows flexibility to manage large and complex workloads. You can define a hierarchy of backlogs to assess the scope of work of several working groups and to understand how specific tasks meet more ambitious projects.
• Rooms working groups — this area for the exchange of information and interaction between team members regardless of their location. In the room of a working group to discuss the unfinished work, ask questions, share status, work quickly and clear up the problems. Room workgroup — this is a unique source of news about the actions undertaken in the framework of the team project from which the working party finds out about the code check-ins, build status, the distribution of work, etc. Using the bathroom of the working group instead of emails, you automatically receive the magazine interviews and decisions available to browse and search at any time. Bathroom working group is created by default for each project. In addition, you can create additional rooms for panel discussions and interaction between the working groups.
• In Team Foundation Server 2013 now supports Git repositories. In addition, Visual Studio 2013, you can now use the browser control for creating comments on changesets, shelvesets, and Git commits and replies to these comments during the discussion of source code changes with the members of the working group. In addition, the filter browser versions makes it easy to find the right comments.
Support cloud-based load testing in Team Foundation Service allows for a few seconds to create tests scale, using flexible resources of Windows Azure to execute requests from thousands of virtual users. As a result you get information about "bottlenecks" in the work of the web applications and services without worrying about managing hardware or a virtual lab.
• Improvements in the management of web test cases allow you to create test plans and kits test plans and manage them directly from the web interface. In addition, you can run tests from Windows, in any modern web browser. The result is high productivity of the testers in any working environment.
Another innovation Team Foundation Server 2013 is the possibility of constructing diagrams of work items. You can quickly create diverse charts to visualize data from work item queries, such as bugs, user stories and tasks.

System requirements:
Supported operating systems: Windows 7 SP1 (x86 and x64), Windows 8 (x86 and x64), Windows 8.1 (x86 and x64), Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (x64), Windows Server 2012 (x64), Windows Server 2012 R2 (x64)
Required components: Internet Explorer 10
Hardware requirements:
Processor with a clock frequency of 1.6 GHz or higher
RAM 1 GB (1.5 GB if running on a virtual machine)
10 GB of available hard disk space
Hard drive rotation speed 5400 rpm
The video adapter compliant DirectX 9 and supports screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher

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Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate Update 12.0.31101.00 4 Final (2014/RUS)

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate Update 12.0.31101.00 4 Final (2014/RUS)

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate Update 12.0.31101.00 4 Final (2014/RUS)

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