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Sciral Flying Logic Pro 2.2.10

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Sciral Flying Logic Pro 2.2.10

Flying Logic — advanced editor of block diagrams (graphs) with interactive charts change. Can be used for analyzing decisions and strategic planning. Allows feedback. A large range of applications, including Theory of Constraints (TOC) Diagrams. The best available programs for mapping actions and results.

Flying Logic is a desktop utility for anyone who loves to think and quickly generate flow-charts on the fly. The program allows you to organize and give structure to your thoughts and ideas during the design process.

Flying Logic is a revolutionary tool for those who just want to change your personal life for the better, and for those who creates and manages the business on a global scale, where any decision has an effect on thousands and even millions of people. Even software project management will not help you in the case where Your system is flawed and needs changes, when you don't know where it was "thin" place and what needs to be done to her improvements. The answers to these questions are one of vanachai and most often forgotten part of the planning process. In this situation You will rescue Flying Logic. Flying Logic diagrams are not static images, they are a working model your argument that we can pastorano to adjust, recheck, and in the development process to ensure the collective work of Your associates over the important task of IMPROVING.

Flying Logic is a visual, easy to use program, very useful when creating presentations!
Flying Logic (formally, it is intended to develop the theory of limits, but works great as a build tool regular charts)

Key features:
1. The default in the drop-down list Bias is set Right, as a result, the siblings are jumping from place to place (FL trying to line up the terminal elements, and not elements of the same level).
2. As a rule, it is necessary to draw so that you can, without distraction, to see the scheme on all screens, Windows and pages. You need to either draw only their (not always productive), or to create a separate group for the screens, which are important for the circuit blocks.
3. By default, the width of all blocks of the scheme proportional to the width. If the name of a unit (Screen, Page etc.) is short, the block is narrow and often uncomfortable. To fix this, the easiest way to short names units add more spaces and any symbol at the end of the title will get longer, the blocks will expand.

The program is in a way phenomenal: it is intentionally almost completely cut decoration part of the process. All that can do is to set the color and name of standard elements, as well as (hack) repaint the part in yellow arrows (there are some hardcoded icons for blocks). And only. Even mutual arrangement of blocks, you cannot control manually – the program itself puts them on a plane the most economical way. Because of this, however, is the main drawback of Flying Logic elements can neither sort nor re arrange. However, thanks to full automation is achieved unprecedented speed.

But that's not all:
• The element can be associated with any other, except with himself. This makes it possible to design a truly realistic structure.
• There is a group (with nesting!) allows you to temporarily hide insignificant part of the scheme. Accelerates reading complex circuits and how.
• There's a free program reader, which is installed not in the example easier and faster than the reader Visio (there and export to PDF, but PDF is not shapewith groups on the go).
• Starts almost instantly. Like a trifle, but in the real work constantly need to check the circuit and adjust it; every second of the road here.
Of course, flowcharts have not gone away, so that Visio does not throw out. But for the rest of the Flying Logic – a dream come true.

New Opportunities
There are additional Windows menu, the navigation keys of the keyboard.
More guys have expanded Toolkit of the theory of constraints, for example, there appeared Confidence Analysis (tell me, how are you sure about the source reasons, and pretend Tula roughly, how much should trust the final conclusion), plus some tree Strategy & Tactics (still do not get it, what it is). Thule attached to fifty curious primerica showing coolness of Tula and ambitious tasks.
In functionality — all you need at the moment. Squares draw conveniently, merge arrows easily have all sorts of drag-n-dropsie Malecki, glamorous animation, auto-leveling tree and much more.

Version 2.2.10:
▪ Fixed a bug introduced in 2.2.9 that prevented loading of examples and very old document files.
Sciral Flying Logic Pro 2.2.10

Sciral Flying Logic Pro 2.2.10

Date: 2014
Platform: Windows All (x86/x64)
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